Akef: Arresting Supporters of Palestinian People a ’Shame for Egyptian Regime’
Akef: Arresting Supporters of Palestinian People a ’Shame for Egyptian Regime’
Wednesday, January 23,2008 07:01
Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Muslim Brotherhood (MB), said in a statement issued by the MB Executive Office on Wednesday morning that it is a source of shame for the Egyptian security forces to raid dozens of houses before dawn in the past few days to arrest popular leaders and national figures to prevent them, and to intimidate others, from taking part in popular events calling for lifting the unjust blockade imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Palestine people in Gaza Strip.
"The Muslim Brotherhood will always remain a shield that protects and defends Egypt"s security and stability to protect its independent national decision so that that Egypt continues defending the Muslim and Arab Nation" said Akef in the statement adding that MB leaders and members will continue helping their country protect the security of the Arab Nation and support the Palestinian people as it it did throughout history. He said they will do this undeterred by detentions, prisons and or trials.
Akef demanded Egyptian government stop this unjust crackdown and immediately release all detainees and not to prevent national and political powers from expressing, through peaceful demonstrations and rallies, their rage and rejection to crimes committed by IOF against humanity.
The MB chairman"s statement demanded Egypt also to open Rafah Crossing, Gaza Strip"s only available outlet for now, and to support the Palestinian rights, as it did throughout history, and to offer humanitarian aid including fuel, food, medicine and any thing required for the besieged peoplein the Palestinian Gaza Strip and to allow popular aid be sent to besieged people in Gaza.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptian security forces have launched, since last Friday, wide scale sweeps of arrests that included dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members in several governorates nationwide in raids which are increasing as popular support for the Palestinianas is increasing and as people are calling for lifting the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip and opening crossings in Rafah to ease the suffering of the Palestine people.