Egyptian Police Attacks Gazan Women Demonstrating in Rafah
Egyptian Police Attacks Gazan Women Demonstrating in Rafah
Tuesday, January 22,2008 09:34
More than a thousand Gazan women took to streets and took part in march entitled "Freewomen of Gaza" in which the called for lifting the blockade imposed on the Palestinian coastal strip after the massacres and strikes committed by Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinian people .
The women who took part in the demonstration broke into Rafah Crossing and Egyptian security forces dispersed them using cold waters, beating and fires injuring several Palestinians including 6 women due to Egyptian police fires. Dozens of others were injured by tear gas bombs, said sources in the Palestinian crossing to Ikhwanweb.
 This battle between Egyptian security forces and the Palestinian women expanded after the female demonstrators opened the gate of the crossing by force trying to end the blockade imposed on them which denied them even fuel and power.
"The situation is extremely tragic as Egyptian security forces are assaulting the female demonstrators leading to increasing the cases of fainting among them. Egyptian security demanded increasing security reinforcements on the crossing which is already besieged by armored vehicles", said a female demonstrator.
 MP Hoda Ghoneim, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, confirmed that the Palestinian women insist on not returning home except after opening the crossing. This led to an escalation of the situation from the Egyptian forces which attacked them and beat them using clubs. This led to injuring some female demonstrators and ambulances rushed them to Rafah hospital .