MB Leaders Demand Military Session Adjourned over Gaza Blockade
MB Leaders Demand Military Session Adjourned over Gaza Blockade
Tuesday, January 22,2008 09:18

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders refereed to the military tribunal called for adjourning sessions to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people suffering under a siege imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces(IOF).

In spite if their own suffering as sessions are accelerated to reach 5 sessions a week and every session taking up to 10 hours, the MB leaders didn"t forget the suffering of the besieged Palestinian people who are currently living in pitch-darkness after the last power station stopped running in Gaza after they ran out of fuel due to the hideous Israeli blockade.
The MB leaders demanded Monday"s military session adjourned in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The military chief justice accepted to adjourn the session for an hour after which the defense continued its pleading.

They MB leaders issued a statement in which they voiced their extreme anger over the massacres and humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian, especially in Gaza Strip.
They sounded in their statement a wakeup call to Arab and Muslim rulers demanding them to immediately intervene to save people in Gaza from the current killings blockade committed by the IOF.
They also demanded the court to temporarily release them to work for ending this blockade promising to return to prison after that.
The statement stressed that the defendants suspended their pleading in Monday"s session to show solidarity with brothers in Gaza . "We call on the court which is an integral part of our brave armed forces which defeated the Zionists in October, 6th, war, to be up to the responsibility", said the statement demanding the court to address their demand. The judge approved and adjourned it for an hour.