Arab, Int’l Protests Snowball, Call for Lifting Gaza blockade
Arab, Int’l Protests Snowball, Call for Lifting Gaza blockade
Monday, January 21,2008 17:20
By Nadine Abdullah

Gaza Strip has witnessed since Sunday another peak of the Israeli escalation as the coastal Strip"s suffering increased from  tightening the blockade on residents and denying access to any supplies to reach a power outage on the whole region due to the complete shortage of fuel hitting the whole strip with a a complete paralysis. Hospitals declared a state of emergency because they can"t work without electricity, presaging a serious humanitarian disaster.
All these measures are taken as Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) continue bombarding and raiding the Palestinian people and Israeli government issued a statement in which it declared its plans to maintain this escalation.
This latest IOF escalation spawned thousands of demonstrations in several Arab countries while other Arab official measures or moving on after complete power outage hit Gaza Strip on Sunday.The International Forum for Islamic Parliaments (IFIP) issued a statement in which it condemned the Israeli escalation on Gaza Strip, and ongoing massacres committed against the Palestinian people.The IFIP called on Arab and Islamic parliaments to take tangible measures and serious attitudes to work for lifting thelockade imposed on Gaza, in addition to working for releasing members of the Palestinian Legislative Council detained in Israeli prisons.The IFIP"s stamen was sent to MPs, Muslim and Arab governments, Human Rights ganizations, the Inter-Parliament and the European parliament in addition to the United Nations and the Quartet committee, calling them to use their powers to exercise pressure on Israel to stop its crimes against besieged Palestinian people. 
Rights Groups Warn of Serious Humanitarian Disaster in Gaza
For there part, many human rights organizations condemned the latest spate of military escalation on Gaza Strip, in which Israel adopts a policy of blockade policy and mass punishment against residents of the coastal strip.
 The Arab Organization for Human Rights has demanded an immediate intervention from the international community to save Gaza Strip from a possible humanitarian disaster after the complete power outage that hit the Strip due to the ongoing Israeli blockade and shortage of fuel. 
Other human rights organizations in Gaza Strip confirmed that the aggravating situations in Gaza are further fueled by the full international silence which encouraged Israeli occupation forces to continue the genocide against the Palestinians.
Also, Sawasiya Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Center issued a statement in which it condemned the ongoing blockade confirming it is time for Arabs say- on both official and popular levels- to say to the whole world that war crimes committed by Israeli Occupation Forces occupation and the preparations for a new war on Gaza Strip fully contradict with the peace efforts and the attitudes and slogans claimed by Ehud Olmert"s government.Sawasiya called on the United Nations, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League to take an attitude that reaches the level of sanctions and accountability to protect more than 1 1/2 million persons killed and die of starvation in Gaza Strip due to the 2-year ongoing blockade.B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights said in turn that Israel is held fully responsible for lives of residents of the Gaza Strip citizens, demanding all international organizations to be up to their responsibilities and confront the disaster facing Gaza residents due to the Israeli blockade.
Popular Movements Condemn Gaza Blockade
In addition to official statements and international conferences, popular actions were carried out. In Gaza, a general strike has been held after the massacre committed by IOF in the Gaza neighborhood of Zeitoun during the visit of the US President George Bush as if this massacre was Israel"s present to Bush, according to some observers.In Egypt, thousands of southern province of Alexandria residents organized several protests to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people, demanding governments move to lift the ongoing IOF blockade and end the suffering of the Palestinian people.Many Muslim Brotherhood members, leaders and MPs took part in these protests and demonstrations after which dozens of them were arrested.In Lebanon and Jordan, popular protestes and activities were organized by political powers, calling on Arab governments to immediately intervene after Gaza Strip fell starting from Sunday into pitch-darkness.The Sudanese capital, Khartoum held some protests and marches and thousands took to streets in marches organized by Islamic movements in Tangier, Morocco.
MB Calls on Governments Stop Submissiveness in frobt of IOF Violations
For its part, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt issued a statement in which it condemned the Israeli massacres committed on Jan, 15th, calling on Arab governments to take actions and stop this state of submissiveness in front of the IOF"s ongoing escalations. 
Also, the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc issued a statement in which it denounced the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces and called on Arab governments to take a serious attitude and called on the Egyptian government in particular to end the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip through opening Gaza-Egypt borders and provide the Palestinians with their necessary needs.  
After this escalation reached denying the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip any supplies, the Muslim Brotherhood organized on Monday, Jan, 21st, 2008, a press conference that included many political and national powers to condemn the blockade and hideous massacres committed by the Israeli Occupation Forces on Gaza Strip and their repercussions on the Egyptian national security.