Police Prevents Demonstration By MPs To End Gaza Siege
Police Prevents Demonstration By MPs To End Gaza Siege
Monday, January 21,2008 12:30
By Mohamed Ismail

Egyptian security forces barred a march scheduled to be carried out by Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and independent members of parliament from the People"s Assembly to the Arab League to exercise pressure on Arab rulers to intervene in order to end the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip. The security forces imposed a complete security cordon and besieged the MPs and media figures who came to cover the event in order to disperse this march.
Just after lifting this security cordon, a delegation of Brotherhood and independents MPs went to the Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa and discussed with him what is expected from Arab governments to end this disaster. Mousa promised to seek any international and regional means to stop this "farce". Mousa criticized also during his meeting with the MPs the attitude of the Israeli government confirming that by doing so, it doesn"t seek peace and he pointed out that Israel deceives the international public opinion by claiming that these measures are a part of its anti-terrorism war, claims he described as "a big lie with which we- the Arabs- won"t be deceived ".
Dr. Mohamed Saad Al Katatni, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, has earlier called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif to immediately open Rafah Crossing to save lives of more than two million Palestinians facing death although they are a few metres away from their borders with Egypt. They are facing death after the Gaza power outage that stopped work in hospitals, end of the remaining amounts of drugs, water and food, presaging an unprecedented humanitarian and environmental disaster.
"The Palestinian people are expecting an attitude from the Egyptian President to end this blockade and offer fuel, food, water and drugs to them", said Dr. Al Katatni, pointing out that the Palestinian cause is actually a mainly Egyptian cause and that " We have a historical,  geographical and security duties that we must do".
Al Katatni called on Egyptian People"s Assembly speaker to hold an emergency session next Tuesday to discuss this escalation and how to confront it. He also called on all members of parliament across the political spectrum to back the Palestinian people and work for lifting the blockade and offer all kinds of aid to these resistant people.