Lebanon’s Islamic Group Denounces Lebanon Explosions
Lebanon’s Islamic Group Denounces Lebanon Explosions
Saturday, January 19,2008 09:03
The Islamic Group in Lebanon has denounced the explosions that took place on Tuesday Jan, 15th, 2008, at the northern entrance of Beirut . Ali Ammar, the chairman of the political bureau of the Islamic group in Lebanon said in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the explosion that hit Lebanon is part of a scenario practiced against Lebanon to keep the state chaos and disorder.
"As eastern powers, we are entering into a dialogue to reach solutions that may lead to a political, economic and security stability. However, such aim to deal a deathblow to contacts between political movements and prevent the Lebanese from getting out of such a crisis and reach an understanding in a way that protects the constitution and law. This is what we understand from such crimes", said Ammar, stressing that this crime and others won"t stop dialogue and will never negatively affect on the political process while the Lebanese seek an understanding and solution for crises of their country .
Ammar confirmed that those benefiting from these explosions are the ones who want to keep Lebanon as a bargaining chip in international and regional struggles to spread chaos and intimidation among the Lebanese because they see that keeping Lebanon in such a chaos may protect them in front of international powers.
In a strongly-worded message to powers targeting Lebanese security and stability, Ammar said:" These powers should be aware that Lebanon is no longer a bargaining chip in their hands. Lebanon can now determine its interest correctly in a way that protects its people regardless of those bad conditions facing some other countries.
Asked whether this explosion is related to the visit of the US President Bush to the Middle East, Ammar said:" It may be so, but we refuse that Lebanon becomes a field in which bombings are committed against regional or international powers. We refuse to be targeted by others. We may find an appropriate response in the confrontation like what we did against the Zionist occupation to Lebanon .
Ali Ammar said also that:" These explosions aren’t to the interest of our people. The only victim is always Lebanon "s security and stability and the Lebanese always pay the cost with their blood and money.
"As an Islamic group, our view and solution always stem from respecting the constitution. We don"t seek force to impose any solution. Any debated matters can be reached through mutual understanding and from the constitution and through a consensus among all Lebanese factions and parties.
The latest bombing took place in the northern entrance of Beirut on the road between Dawra and Karantina neighborhoods. It targeted a fake convoy of the US embassy as part of the latter"s security precautions just before the farewell party of the outgoing US ambassador Jeffrey Feldman.