MB Secretary General: Alleged MB Plan to Islamize US Preposterous
MB Secretary General: Alleged MB Plan to Islamize US Preposterous
Wednesday, January 16,2008 03:06

Following news stories about the dismissal of Pentagon specialist on Islamist extremism Stephen Coughlin, the Muslim Brotherhood denied any covert plans whatsoever to “subvert” or “Islamize” the United States as claimed in a memo written by Coughlin several months ago.
MB Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat denied such allegations calling them
“preposterous” adding that no reasonable person could agree with the message this memo is trying to convey, since the MB’s activities are known worldwide, and even monitored by intelligence agencies and governments in countries where it operates

He emphasized that the MB never had such secret plans, and that its relationship with the outside world has been always clear and straightforward. “As far as western civilization is concerned, the MB acknowledged in many occasions that this civilization has numerous positive elements which are worthy of emulation. We understand that western civilization is originally based on science, freedom, and the tenets of justice, in addition to the scientific method. All these are in fact a gift to humanity as they help to narrow the gap between Islam and the West, not vice versa,” Dr. Ezzat added.

According to Ezzat, the MB’s points of disagreement with western civilization are “misdirection” and breaking away from the scientific method which is the essence of any renaissance. “Those who say such rumors about the Brotherhood have simply failed to abide by the scientific method. Unbiased voices within the U.S. administration and the American people can realize this truth”, he said.

For the Muslim Brotherhood, as Ezzat puts it, “the American people have a great civilization that made massive contributions to humanity’s progress. On the other hand, our stance toward different U.S. administrations depends upon their conformity with justice and tolerance, which is obviously not the case with the Bush administration.”

MB Secretary General Mahmoud Ezzat voiced his grief at the situation in Gaza and the depressing condition of children and sick people who die (or face imminent death) as a direct repercussion of the IOF blockade. He described what’s happening as a “crime” against innocent civilians committed by both Zionists and those who give them the green light, as well as their Arab accomplices. In addition, International human rights organizations, topped by the UN, unfortunately did not respond effectively to this crisis. He also said that Egypt should assist the Palestinian citizens of Gaza by all possible means, and that no agreement or treaty states that Egypt is prohibited to transfer humanitarian aid to the plagued Gaza strip which is now in dire need to any sort of support.