IOF shelling kills Palestinian old lady, two others
IOF shelling kills Palestinian old lady, two others
Friday, January 11,2008 11:40

IOF shelling of Palestinian civilian neighborhoods in northern Gaza late Wednesday killed the 52-year-old Palestinian woman Khadra Wahdan and a young man while earlier in the morning it killed a Palestinian fighter.

Medical sources told PIC correspondent that the IOF artillery shelling last night killed the old lady and the 22-year-old youth Mohammed Al-Kafarna while four others were wounded in Beit Hanun town, north of Gaza Strip.

Local sources said that IOF choppers were hovering in the area at the same time of the artillery shelling, and added that the gunships might have taken part in the shelling.

The medical sources said that the wounded were in serious conditions.

On Wednesday morning, an IOF land-to-land missile killed a Palestinian member of the Salahuddin Brigades, the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, and injured four others.