Seven Palestinian fighters killed while confronting invading IOF troops
Seven Palestinian fighters killed while confronting invading IOF troops
Wednesday, January 2,2008 17:36

Seven Palestinian resistance fighters were killed late Tuesday and at dawn Wednesday including five of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas Movement, in a series of IOF shelling.

Security sources said that IOF troops fired three land-to-land missiles at the Makbula position east of Breij refugee camp in central Gaza Strip late Tuesday killing Yehya Jabr, 20, of the QB and wounding three others.

The sources told PIC that six other fighters, including four affiliated with QB, were killed east of Shujaia suburb in Gaza city at dawn Wednesday while confronting an IOF incursion in the area.The QB said in a communiqué that an IOF air raid targeted Ahed Shamali, 30, the commander of one of the QB field cells while inspecting the fighters at the advanced positions.

An hour later IOF Apaches shelled a group of fighters while trying to block the advance of an IOF special unit in the same area killing Yousef Shamali, who is the cousin of Ahed, and two other QB members Musa"ab Jundia, and Abdul Karim Al-Hilo.Medical sources said that two other Palestinian fighters Salim Al-Wadiya, who is affiliated with the AMB the armed wing of Fatah, and Hamada Abu Omaira, a member of the Salahdudin Brigades the armed wing of the popular resistance committees, were killed while joining the QB in confronting the IOF raid.