4 Egyptian MB Dar Al-Ulum Students Dismissed
4 Egyptian MB Dar Al-Ulum Students Dismissed
Saturday, December 29,2007 19:40
Dr. Mohamed Abdul Magid Al Tawil, the dean of Dar Al-Ulum faculty-Cairo University  dismissed four Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students for a month, denied a fifth student access to a semester exam, raising to 8 the number of dismissals among students.
 The dismissals were issued after the students were referred to a disciplinary board on Dec, 6th, 2007, on charge of organizing an artistic work and a music festival about superiority and welcoming fresh faculty students.
The dismissed students are:
Hani Sayed, a fourth year student
Mostafa Mohamed, a fourth year student
Osama Ayoub, a third year student
Osama Abdul Shahid, a third year student.
Student Ahmed Abdul Hafez, a fourth year student, was denied access to a semester exam. He was previously referred to a disciplinary board which dimissed him for a full semester.
It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum tops Cairo University in holding investigations, disciplinary boards and dismissals. 34 MB students faced 353 investigations and seven disciplinary boards late Nov, 2007, including the five abovementioned students.