MB Military Tribunal adjourned till Dec., 29th
MB Military Tribunal adjourned till Dec., 29th
Thursday, December 27,2007 06:39
The military tribunal has adjourned its 43rd session on Wednesday Dec., 26th 2007 in the trial against 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, topped by Eng. Khairat Al-Shater, second deputy chairman of the MB, Hassan Malek, and Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, a member of the MB Executive Bureau.
Wednesday’s session was adjourned till next Saturday Dec., 29th, 2007. The session witnessed a surprising statement by the judge, as he promised the MB defense team with a surprise soon concerning the health of the MB detainee Hassan Zalat.
It’s worth mentioning that the defense has previously demanded the court send Hassan Zalat to hospital due to his deteriorating health conditions but the court postponed approving this request .
Hazem Abu Ismail, a member in the defense team, has proceeded his prosecution during Wednesday’s session concerning the different procedures of the MB case, and is expected to continue his prosecution on Saturday’s session.