"Egyptians against Torture" Meets Thursday to Resist Torture in Egypt
Sunday, December 23,2007 17:11
By Nadine Abdullah
Egyptians against Torture" movement will hold an expanded meeting next Thursday, Dec, 27th, 2007, in the bar association. This meeting is a part of the movement"s preparations for the campaign under the slogan " We will not concede ... We will not reconcile". It called on all Egyptians to participate in this campaign through takin part in a message sent to the public prosecution to stop tortures in Egyptian police stations and prisons .
It is worth mentioning that the notorious phenomenon of torture has considerably mushroomed in Egypt in a worrisome manner, triggering local and international condemnations. The death toll of tortures has been up to dozens in the past few months.
It is as if Interior Ministry elements inside prisons, police stations and all security offices have adopted torture as a method and policy to be taken against citizens.
For its part, the Egyptian Interior Ministry continuously denies such accusation. Major General Samir Salam, the Assistant Interior Minister, told Ikhwanweb that there is no case of systematic torture inside Egyptian prisons for the following three reasons:
" First: There is no reason for torturing a prisoner, Second: Any prisoner can submit his complaint at any time through his correspondences, visits, meeting his lawyer, and through periodical and surprise visits of the public prosecution members on all prisons, Third: The Interior Minister has picked- for the prisons administration- officers who are well-reputed for their efficiency, and who have a sufficient practical and academic experience in fields of prison security, human and social sciences.
"Egyptians against torture" calls on the public prosecution to carry out its role as a representative for people in the society through defending rights of the Egyptian citizens, opening torture files that have been closed and seeking law enforcement, hunting torturers and sending them to justice.