5th Session of Appeal against Freezing MB Assets on Monday
5th Session of Appeal against Freezing MB Assets on Monday
Monday, December 17,2007 11:40
Cairo Court of First Instance hears on Monday Dec, 17th, 2007, the appeal against the attorney general"s decision of freezing assets of 29 Muslim Brotherhood businessmen transferred to the military court, including their wives and underage children.
The defence team is expected to demand the session be adjourned to have a sufficient time to bring required papers, specially that the defence team demanded in the previous session a permission to bring certificates from the Department of Commercial Register, the department of Firms and the Tax Department to prove that all these 68 frozen companies are owned by co-partners who aren"t included in the money laundry case and some others who don"t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. Thus, the freeze decision on these companies is deemed illegal.
Monday"s session is the fifth in this case because of the prosecution insists on not handing a copy of the case file to the court. This made the court adjourn it four times. This made the defence team defeat this obstacle through offering to bring in the required papers, and the court accepted this after the prosecution confirmed that it no longer has the file after the case was referred to the military prosecution .
The court heard the appeal first on June, 20, 2007, then it adjourned it till August, 18th, 2007, then to Sep, 17th, 2007, then till Oct, 23rd, 2007.