Military Court Clears MB Leaders from Terrorism and Money-Landry
Military Court Clears MB Leaders from Terrorism and Money-Landry
Sunday, December 16,2007 09:33
In an event considered as a precedent in the history of Egyptian military justice, the huckstepp-based military court dropped money-laundry and terrorism charges filed against 40 Muslim Brotherhood reformists, toplisted by the MB Deputy Chairman Khairat Al-Shater.
The court, also, denied any kind of extraterritorial financing of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and nullified pertinent claims against the defendants. Thereby, the defendants only face a charge of reviving an outlawed organization.
Worth-mentioning, the Egyptian regime referred the MB reformists to military tribunals although being acquitted four times by competent civil courts. Also, the financial report presented by the Money-Laundry Unit, controlled by the Egyptian Ministry of Finance, proven Muslim Brotherhood members innocent from money-laundry charges.
Historically-speaking, the Egyptian regime summoned seven military trials for Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in similar banned organization revival and terrorism-backing charges and slapped the defendants with harsh sentences around the last two decades.