Rights Watch Demands Egyptian Regime Stop Torturing Political Prisoners
Rights Watch Demands Egyptian Regime Stop Torturing Political Prisoners
Wednesday, December 12,2007 12:05
Human Rights Watch called on the Egyptian regime to fix treatment of the State Security Service towards political detainees. The organization confirmed that there is and integrated system of torture which includes the most hideous violations against citizens including sodomizing, electric shocking in private parts in methods exercised prisons of the most authoritarian countries.
Sarah Leah Whitson, the Executive Director of the Middle East and North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, sent her demands to president Mubarak asking him to publicly denounce torture crimes, hunt torturers, propose an anti-terrorism law which can be publicly reviewed and debated before it is approved and presenting legal guarantees that protect rights of citizens.
The organization"s report revealed that the Egyptian security services fabricated the case of the "Triumphant Sect" whose alleged members were declared to be caught by the Interior Ministry in April 2006 from after they were tortured .
The organization demanded the Interior Minister to respond publicly to his services" fabrication of fake organization. The report said also that Egyptian security called the organization an Iraqi insurgent group, and accused its members of planning to explode gas pipelines, tourist sites and of assassinating Christian and Muslim clerics, raising eyebrows of international experts over whether a third generation of Salafist jihadisn has grown. However, Egyptian Human Rights reports confirmed that a sweep of arrests in Cairo that included about 100 young men was carried out ahead of declaring arresting the fake organization whos members were picked up from this sweep.