Al- Hashemi: Current Constitution Must Be Amended, Iraq Need New Reconciliation for All
Al- Hashemi: Current Constitution Must Be Amended, Iraq Need New Reconciliation for All
Sunday, December 9,2007 15:19
By Mohamed Ismail
Iraqi vice-president, Tarek Al Hashemi, declared in a statement to Ikhwanweb that he insists on demands of amending the current constitution that led to sharp divisions among Iraqi people, according to him. Despite the security improvement, he said that there are still several debated national files that require huge efforts to be solved. He pointed out that there is a real opportunity for all Iraqi people to return back to past brotherly coexistence, rebuild Iraq and reshape the political structure.
Al- Hashemi added that Iraq needs a fully new project that includes all sects, a project which is based on the principle of " Let bygones be btgones " and all efforts are devoted to rebuilding Iraq . Al-Hashemi sees that the problem in the current reconciliation is that it does not provide those afore mentioned factors. Due to the current reconciliation, the problem is only restricted to these believing in the political process. Therefore, we are currently speaking about a reconciliation related to only the political process due to its failure, he said.
Al-Hashemi added that Iraq hasn"t settled until now and it is still in a critical transition period in spite of the progress in security and economic levels, the decrease of unemployment and inflation and the financial welfare and other satisfying indications. However, our brothers in Gulf and Arab countries still have many roles to support Iraqis during such hard conditions because the current problems still too hard for the Iraqis, according to him.
Regarding the Iranian role in Iraq , the Iraqi vice-president confirmed that Iran has become a big player in the Iraqi scene, according to statements of Iranian leaders. He attributed the strong presence of the Iranian influence in the Iraqi arena to the absence of the Arab role, a vacuum that the Iranians intelligently filled and they tackled the the crisis in an efficient way that embarrassed the United States . Therefore, Iran achieved, according to Al-Hashemi, many gains in Iraq to the extent that it negotiate with the United States on the Iraqi issue.