Egyptian Opposition Leader Ayman Nour Starts 3rd year Behind Bars
Egyptian Opposition Leader Ayman Nour Starts 3rd year Behind Bars
Saturday, December 8,2007 04:37
By Nadin Abdullah
Dr. Ayman Nour has started his third year behind bars on December, 5th, without any possible plans to release him. A liberal figure who founded Al Ghad party, Ayman Nour gained a public support which enabled him to submit a presidential bid in 2005 to challenge president Mubarak. A frontrunner in the race, he was sent to prison on allegations of forging proxies of founding the party.
Throughout the past two years, many Egyptian human rights activists and politicians called for releasing Ayman Nour because of suffering from many health problems including diabetes. Prison led to worsening his health condition due to not receiving the the necessary health care inside Torah farm prison. However, the Egyptian government did not respond to any of those demands, and he is still behind bars till now .
Hamdi Abdul Aziz, a human rights activist, said about Nour"s detention:" The government is continuously updating its methods of repression. It has recently started to reduce tortures and other tools of repression but it resorted to legal means to net its critics, through forging charges and other means of scheming.
He added that government used delicate means against Ayman Nour. It used law and sent him behind bars although he is a leader of an opposition party this means that he has immunity against such practices.
Abd Al-Aziz said that Ayman Nour suffers from many health problems. He should have been released for health reasons but they have seemingly decided to keep him till he finishes his prison term in full.
He also added that the health condition inside prison is very bad. It actually differs according to the status of the prisoner. There are some prisoners who are jailed in a five-star prison, while there are others who suffer from poor health care, bad food bad hygiene inside prisons.
Abd Al-Aziz calls for affording a better care in all Egyptian prisons which aren"t suitable for human use. The government care for a specific prison when human rights delegations visits it. A proper health care should be provide for prisoners, especially this peaceful opponent who believes that he did not commit any crime.
Dr. Essam El-Erian, a top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, said he has previously and repeatedly called for releasing Dr. Ayman Nour because his case is politically motivated, only coated with a criminal cover.
Al Erian called again for necessarily releasing him, especially as his health is continuously deteriorating and his diabetes, real threats on his health.
Ayman Nour is really in need for a release for health reasons. Due to the fact that this kind of release has been rejected by Egyptian authorities, everyone working in the political field calls on the president to issue a presidential pardon for Ayman Nour because he is a politician not a criminal.
Al Erian has confirmed his solidarity with Nour and called on all political powers and intellectuals, in addition to human rights organizations to stage a campaign demanding his release and to clear Egypt of the current bad situation.
Al Erian concluded his statement saying the problem isn"t only in holding Ayman Nour in person. The problem lies in the political stagnation in Egypt lives, and the absence of any looming serious reform or change in our country.