Al-Azhar Students Tortured, 9 Released Then
Al-Azhar Students Tortured, 9 Released Then
Friday, December 7,2007 09:43

In unprecedented move regarding Al-azhar latest detentions, state security service released 9 of total 22 students abducted in a pre-dawn raid last Wednesday and tortured till now in state security detention centers.
The freed students told Ikhwanweb that they just returned home from a football match when the police-backed state security elements stormed their houses at nearly 1.00 AM. "Then, we were tanned in the ill-aired police cargos to the Cairo downtown-based state security head quarter, eye-folded and in flocks as cattle in cars." a student describing detention facts
the students confessed that they were psychologically and physically tortured, with the nationally-developed torture products and thanatotic means. "This was the first time to face human brutes. Verily, they are psychopaths who should be quarantined." A tortured student added
some resources from inside Al-Azhar University confirmed that some of the released students were led to the office of Al-Azhar University president Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyib, who have taunted the students and threatened them with more abuses and detentions if they resumed their activities inside the university as Muslim Brotherhood affiliates.
Commenting on this accident, Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau Member and the prominent botanist, stated that the regime invests torture as an intimidation tactic against its peaceful dissent, including Muslim Brotherhood, in order to drag us to an armed confrontation. "We are keen to assert on our peaceful approach to bring about political and social reform and prosperity to our nation, whatever the losses would be!"