25 Al-Azhar University Students Detained Wednesday Dawn
25 Al-Azhar University Students Detained Wednesday Dawn
Thursday, December 6,2007 02:14
Egyptian security forces arrested on Wednesday dawn Dec, 5th, 2007, 25 students from the Faculty of Education, Al-Azhar University. Taken from their homes blindfolded, the students were sent by the police forces to an unidentified place without stating any clear reasons. The detained students included:
Abdullah Helmi Abul Kheir
Mahmoud Nabil Hamdi
Mohamed Nabil Hamdi
Reda Eissa Mousa
Abdul Aziz Mohamed Khedr
Hashem Mohamed Ali
Ahmed Gouda Adam
Mostafa Abul Enein
Alaa Abdul Ati Al Khodari
Taher Abu Zeid
Ahmed Omar Ali
Hamada Medhat
Mahmoud Al Sayed Abdul Mottaleb
Mahmoud Abdul Basir
Omar Al-Sayyed Abdullah.
It is worth mentioning that these detentions are carried out as the students are poised to take the first term exams scheduled to kick off two weeks later. This made some students attribute the timing of these detentions to denying the detained students the chance to attend these exams.
Colleagues of the detained students confirmed that the security forces confiscated school textbooks found in houses of these students under pretext that they are organizational books about the Muslim Brotherhood group .
Asked about his comment for these detentions, Sohaib Shawkat Amin, the secretary general of Al-Azhar University student union, confirmed in a phone call with Ikhwanweb that there is no clear reason or justifications for these detentions carried out by the security services. He added that these detentions are taking place onn the first anniversary of launching a similar sweep of arrests when more than 140 students from Al-Azhar University were arrested in Dec, 2007.