Burj Al-Arab Prison MB Detainees on Strike
Burj Al-Arab Prison MB Detainees on Strike
Sunday, November 18,2007 12:51
A group of Muslim Brotherhood members detained in Burj Al-Arab prison declared staging an open strike protesting at the unjustified and irresponsible measure committed on Wednesday dawn when the warden and the state security official in Burj Al-Arab prison broke into the cells with police sniffer dogs for two hours during which they ordered the prisoners to stand up with their faces to the wall. The strikers described this as a violation to their right as citizens who are under provisional detention, confirming that they will speak out against such unjust measures.
The strike started on Wednesday, Nov, 14th, as the detainees refused to take the prison food and they started a second stage in the strike on Saturday, Nov, 17th, when they refused to go to see their visiting families and relatives.
The detainees call on media outlets, political and human rights activists and civil society organizations to support them in this crisis which can be considered a backtrack in dealing with Egyptian citizens.
Khalaf Bayyoumi, the Muslim Brotherhood lawyer in Alexandria, declared that what happened highlights the disadvantages which we have said about Burj Al-Arab prison.
It"s worth mentioning that the report that the MB lawyer submitted to the attorney general regarding this incident has been referred to Burj Al-Arab prosecution to investigate into it and to open the file of the violations committed at Burj Al-Arab prison.
In a related context, a group of Muslim Brotherhood detainees (known as Matrouh group), has been sent to Al-Farana-based State Security Police headquarters to issue a decision regarding them, after the Criminal Court issued a ruling of releasing them on Thursday, Nov, 15th, after four months in prison.