Al Shater’s Military Trial Adjourned till Thursday
Al Shater’s Military Trial Adjourned till Thursday
Wednesday, November 14,2007 21:18
The Military Tribunal trying 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders adjourned its Wednesday 6-hour session to Thursday, Nov, 15th, to raise to 32 the number of sessions of this marathon trial.
The military tribunal trying the MB leaders, topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the group, dismissed all the defense team"s demands for rejecting the financial committee, the financial report and testimonies of the witnesses because they have been issued by incompetent unauthorized bodies. The chief justice of the military tribunal said at the beginning of Wednesday session, the 31st session of the trial, that the court reviewed all the past thirty sessions" minutes- 721 large size pages- starting from the first session dated April, 26th, 2007. He said also that court reviewed all demands that the defense submitted during the past sessions, demands which are documented in the session minutes, adding that the court found that it gave replies to all these requests and it decided to reject the request and decided to resume hearing the lawsuit and hearing witness testimonies " if the defense wants to interrogate them". The court said that all requests and replies are documented in the session minutes but the defence team proved that this didn"t happen.
It is worth mentioning that the former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark was denied two times access to the military trial court house to monitor the process.
They do not know that governments that seek to hide what happens inside, and prevent observers from doing their duty, are actually dealing a death blow to justice and independence of the court", said the former US attorney General expressing his shock after he was denied access to the courthouse.
Clark added that:" being behind closed doors means that this military tribunal doesn"t only violate rights of these accused, but it also violates human rights because every human being has the right to stand trial in front of a fair judge and in a public court".