Ahmed Ezzuddin Left off Press Candidate Final List
Ahmed Ezzuddin Left off Press Candidate Final List
Tuesday, November 13,2007 23:31
By Mohamed Ismail
In a bizarre move that stunned many Egyptian journalists, the judicial commission supervising elections of the Egyptian Press Syndicate left the name of Ahmed Ezzuddin-a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) journalist referred to the military tribunal along with dozens other MB leaders- off the final list of the syndicate board candidates. It excluded him under the claim that he must come in person to submit the nomination papers.
Mohsen Radi- a member of the People"s Assembly (lower chamber of parliament) and the one tasked with the journalists file official in the Muslim Brotherhood group- said that the group expected that such a decision may be taken. So it filed a lawsuit in front of the Administrative Court to prove Ahmed Ezzuddin"s right to run for these elections, specially that Magdi Ahmed Hussein-an opposition journalist- has previously run for the elections under similar conditions. Asked whether security pressures are behind this decision, Radi pointed out that "this does not concern us at all. The commission has refused to receive the nomination papers and after some discussion between us and the commission chairman, he accepted the papers with Ezzuddin"s power of attorney to his lawyer".
Regarding the measures to be taken against this decision, he confirmed that the election results may be contested or the elections may be stopped because this decision is an offense to the press community altogether. Ahmed Ezzuddin has a right which is guaranteed by the constitution and law.
Abdullah Al Sinnawi, editor-en-chief of Al-Arabi, the mouthpiece of the Arab Nasserist Party, agreed with Radi saying this measure is an offence to the press community. He added that colleague Ahmed Ezzuddin has the full right to nominate himself in the elections as he faces no verdicts and there is no law stipulating that the candidate must come in person to submit his nomination papers. Thus, Ahmed Ezzuddin has the right to challenge the decision and demand all the election process suspended.
For his part, Abdul Halim Kandeel, editor-en-chief of Al-Karama newspaper confirmed that this decision is suspicious, especially that the security services have very dominating powers and they have ties with such commissions that actually distort the image of the Egyptian justice. Kandeel cited Magdi Ahmed Hussein"s nomination while he was in prison like Ezzuddin and he even succeeded in those elections.