MB Leaders: Dealing with Israel is Not Recoginition
MB Leaders: Dealing with Israel is Not Recoginition
Saturday, October 20,2007 21:42
Prominent Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders confirmed that statement by top MB leader Dr. Essam El-Erian to Al Hayat newspaper didn"t mean recognizing Israel but it only talked about " political realism in dealing with the Israeli entity ."
For his part, Dr. Essam El-Erian agreed with that explanation, reiterating that dealing realistically with Israel by the MB"s future party if it assumes power does not mean recognizing the state of Israel and his statement to al Hayate with taken out of proportion.
Al Erian said this political realism means for example respecting the peace treaty signed with Israel in 1979, like all international agreements and treaties that Egyptian governments signed, which is highlighted in the recently issued draft of the MB party program which gave the Egyptian people the right to amend or rescind them through constitutional measures including parliament
"We (the Muslim Brotherhood) want through adhereing to such commitments to what previous governments approved to establish a state of institutions on the ruins of the dictators like for example what happened in Iraq when Saddam Hussein decided to invade Kuwait in 1990, without consulting people or parliament" said Al Erian.
"We want to establish a state of institutions like what happens in Turkey . Politicians return to parliament to authorize the Turkish army to carry out military operations against Kurds in north of Iraq ".
To reinforce his confirmation that the MB future party dealing with Israel does not mean recognizing it, Al Erian cited Hamas movement"s experience in Palestine , saying:" undoubtedly, Hamas does not recognize Israel . However, it deals with political realism with Israel through its dealing with it to run people"s living in Gaza . It deals with Israeli municipalities, Israeli banks, power, water and energy companies. However, we heard no one saying that Hamas recognizes Israel because of these dealings with Israeli institutions.
Al Erian dismissed accusations that by declaring that the MB future party will deal with political realism with Israel, t he group was trying to appease Americans, accusing the US of backtracking from its efforts to spread democracy in the Arab world for fear that group like the Muslim Brotherhood will assume power.
Dr. Al Erian also downplayed reports that his statements regarding Israel show a state of confusion within the group, saying:" The Muslim Brotherhood is currently witnessing a state of vitality and diversity in opinion and not confusion.
Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the Muslim Brotherhood chairman, confirmed the group refuses to recognize Israel " no matter what the reason is". He stressed that " this issue [not recognizing Israel] is a constant of the group which is not subject to debate. Akef stressed that:" The MB sees Israel an entity that seized our sacred Arab and Islamic lands, and it was established on the flesh and blood of civilians. So, it must not be recognized.
For his part, Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood: "We consider the Israeli occupation forces as an occupying entity that gobbled lands of the Arabs and Islam, consequently, there cannt be recognition of Israel"
Habib added:" As for the signed agreements between Egypt and Israel , agreements and treaties between respectable countries are from time to time reviewed by people and through their elected representatives. There is no harm that it is presented also in a referendum in case there is an essential change in a treaty."
Habib stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn"t recognize Israel, saying: "There should be acooperation on Arab and Islamic levels and through regimes and governments to establish a viable sovereign and independent state of Palestine whose capital is the Holy Jerusalem. Settlements must be dismantled, the fence barrier should be removed, giving rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland, releasing 11000 Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israeli occupation prisons."
Meanwhile, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, a top Muslim Brotherhood leader, who backs not recognizing Israel said that it is still too early to talk about these issues. He confirmed that the issue of recognizing Israel is not a priority for the Muslim Brotherhood for the time being.
"I think it is too early to speak about relations with Israel and that discussing Palestinian"s living conditions should be given a priority"