Egyptian Bloggers Hold Conference to Defend Freedoms
Egyptian Bloggers Hold Conference to Defend Freedoms
Tuesday, October 16,2007 22:04
The prisoners and human rights committee in Alexandria will hold on Thursday, Oct, 18th, 2007 , at the Jlim based lawyers a conference for bloggers and youth concerned about human rights to defend freedoms against the attack that includes sending some journalists to trials, closing weblogs and arresting some people for expressing their views in Egypt .
Dr. Ibrahim Al Zaafarani, the secretary general of the committee in Alexandria, said that the conference is the first and biggest gathering for bloggers in the presence of a number of politicians and media figures who have recently faced harassments, topped by Dr. Essam El-Erian, the chairman of the political section at the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group, journalist Wael Al Ibrashi the editor-in-chief of Sawt Al Umma newspaper and journalist Magdi Helmi a delegate of Al Wafd newspaper in addition to a number of cases that include citizens and young men who faced human rights violations like Alexandrian students who were detained last summer and were tortured in prison.
Al Zaafarani added that the conference aims to encouraging young men to defend human rights and expose violations facing some detainees and highlighting the role carried out by the bloggers in this field.
It is worth mentioning that Egyptians bloggers have had a key role in the field of freedoms during the last period. They have managed to shed light on some issues like torturing inside police stations .