2 Aswan MB Detainees Went Missing
2 Aswan MB Detainees Went Missing
Wednesday, October 10,2007 13:27

Relatives of two of the ten Muslim Brotherhood (MB) detainees in Aswan submitted a complaint to the Association for Human rights and Legal Aid ( Aswan branch) because the Aswan security services haven"t implemented the public prosecution decision of releasing them since Wednesday morning, Sep, 26th, 2007.

The two detainees are: Hussein Gabralla Yassin, an employee at Aswan educational hospital, and his brother Mostafa, a technician at the Co-operative Society for Building and Construction. They were detained along with other 8 MB figures on Monday at dawn Sep, 24th, 2007, and they appeared before the prosecution and were jailed. They were charged of preparing a mass Iftar (breaking the fasting) in Abd Al-Rahim mosque in the city of Aswan on Sep, 22nd.

After the prosecution"s release decision, the security services sent the ten MB detainees to the state security premises in Qina, and then moved them to the central security premises in Asyut . After that, eight of them returned to Aswan , but the whereabouts of other two are still unknown.

Their relatives are still seeking any information about their place anywhere in Egypt .