Ikhwanweb Will Go Down Sunday in Solidarity With Jailed Journalists
Ikhwanweb Will Go Down Sunday in Solidarity With Jailed Journalists
Saturday, October 6,2007 13:13
In a show of support and solidarity with Egyptian journalists recently sentenced to prison  terms for criticizing the government; Ikhwanweb will be inaccessible for one day Sunday October 7, the day when more than 15 independent and opposition newspapers will not publish in protest.
Ikhwanweb condemns the recent government clampdown on freedom of press and speech and the continuous harassment of pro-reform movements and figures. We call on the government to release all opposition leaders and prisoners of conscious from its jails and allow citizens to express their rights to hold the government accountable as long it is done in legal and peaceful manner.
The recent attack on opposition journalists comes as part of a vicious government"s campaign against elements of the civil society, which sent to jail more than 150 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including 40 are being tried before military court, most of them have been already acquitted by civilian courts. The government also imprisoned Ayman Nour, Al Ghad Party leader who finished second to President Mubarak in most recent presidential elections, on trumped-up charges. Please join our call for freedom of press and speech in Egypt"