Al Sameraie: We Reject Iraq Division Decision, Will Block it
Al Sameraie: We Reject Iraq Division Decision, Will Block it
Sunday, September 30,2007 15:37
By S. Abbdi
Abdul Karim Al Sameraie a member of the political office of the Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP) and a member of parliament, denounced the US Congress decision aiming to divide Iraq. He said that this decision deals with Iraq as it is a US-affiliated state and that all Iraqi people across the national sectarian and religious spectrum reject such measures and all Iraqis all close ranks against such unfair decisions that try to divide Iraq .
Al Sameraie added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:" The issue of dividing Iraq was raised by Congress suggested particularly in this time because Patreus-Crocker report was issued days ago and pointed out that successes have been achieved in the US plan in Iraq along with successes in the Iraqi security plan accompanying it. It proved consequently that there are several issues that have been applied on the ground. It is as if the Iraqis need only a political system to organize their lives. This decision was non binding because they know that many Iraqis will reject it and because they can"t force the Iraqis to abide by it.
"The decision of dividing the country will be rejected more by southern cities than Sunni cities. So, they should spread the culture of constitution, law, state of the law and institutions among the publics and then leave governorates that don"t belong to a certain province (a majority for now) to expand decentralized administrative authorities to take the form of federal system approved by people and to be in line Iraqi character and soil", Al Sameraie said.
The Sunni politician called on all national powers and political entities in Iraq to stand restive against such measures and they should close ranks because the conspiracy has surfaced. "Occupation forces didn"t invade Iraq for our sake, but they came to divide Iraq" he said, adding that the Arabs should also back Iraq to end such conspiracies and to help it maintain its unity and defeat such schemes.
Al Sameraie added that: There are malicious plotters inside authorities and they work for the foreign occupation and work for those who pay more money and those who want loopholes in the constitution through which they can carry out their malicious schemes. Most Iraqis are still united and will reject all these disagreements to face such new malicious. All Arabs are required to back Iraq which stands against Iran"s ambitions and greed. If Iraq got divided all the nation would face its weakest condition. Therefore, they should provide Iraq with all material, military, political and moral support to confront this fierce attack domestically and internationally and to return Iraq back to normal.
He confirmed that it is time for Iraqis to reconsider their views and close ranks behind a national project that may realize consensus around national pillars. Otherwise, it will be up to them to determine their own fate.
Al Sameraie that being non binding shouldn"t downplay the seriousness of this decision because many countries were divided by introducing such non binding decisions, promises or statements which were first ignored.
"I fear that the option of division which was first mentioned in several studies before the invasion of Iraq may be true, and I fear that it is moving towards a final end of division", he added.
For its part, the the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq denounced the division bill and it called on the international community and Islamic world confront it and reject it.
The non- binding decision issued by the US Senate last Wednesday states that Iraq shall be divided into three Kurdish, Shiite and Sunni entities with a federal government in Baghdad to tackle only border security and oil revenues.
However, President George Bush"s administration refused this plan that was propsed by the democratic presidential hopeful Joseph Biden who sees that this division is the political key that will allow a withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and will prevent a spread of chaos in it.