Egyptians Stand For Freedom Of Press In Cairo
Egyptians Stand For Freedom Of Press In Cairo
Saturday, September 22,2007 12:21
By Joseph S. Mayton - AHN

 Scores of Egyptian intellectuals took to the steps of the Press Syndicate building to protest the recent court decision to imprison four of the country"s leading independent editors. They called on the government to allow freedom of the press.

At the sit-in on Thursday night were members from most independent and opposition groups in the country, including members of Parliament and the Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt"s largest opposition party.

The Brotherhood"s Web site reported scores of demonstrators were present to hear Ibrahim Eissa and Wael Al Ibrashy give statements.

Eissa, the outspoken editor for Al Dostour said at the meeting, "Egypt cannot change unless there is freedom."

He, along with three colleagues were sentenced to one-year in prison and a hefty fine for "defaming the president" in 2006.

Al Ibrashy, editor for Sout Al Omma, told the gathering that the "judge doesn"t want to release the details of the ruling, which I imagine is vital to understanding the new laws and limitations they are forcing journalists to work by."

He added, "they want to write over the journalist syndicate to the NDP [the ruling party of President Mubarak] syndicate."

AHN"s Manar Ammar contributed to this report in Cairo.