Hamido Tortured to death by Egyptian Police
Hamido Tortured to death by Egyptian Police
Friday, September 21,2007 17:09
By Abdulrahman Mansour
Another man has died on Wednesday, Sep, 19th, 2007 in the Egyptian governorate of Al Fayum affected by wounds after he was tortured by Egyptian police elements, another victim of these elements that show no respect to human rights or every one"s right to live.
The new victim, Hamido, tried rescue a person who was assaulted and beaten by plainclothes but his help was responded with beating and torturing to death !!
Saturday afternoon, Sep, 1st, 2007, at 4.00PM, Mohamed Gomaa Hassan Al Dahshouri, dubbed Hamido, was in his work place at Kimaan Fares neighborhood. Mohamed saw a man riding a motorcycle and seeking help from men who were hunting him and he intervened to rescue this man by he was dealt some punches that injured his eye and he heard a voice from one of them saying:" Do not intervene!.
One hour after the quarrel, Hamido was stunned by policemen arresting him and take him to the police station to be sent after a while to hospital having a brain concussion, internal bleeding and cuts in the liver and spleen !!
Hamido remained hospitalized for about twenty days but in vain. He was suffering from signs of tortures he faced in the police station by officers and detectives. He also faced pressures from a previous member of parliament who wanted him to concede his right until he died!!. Hamido is survived by three children: Mahmoud 15  years, Yasmin 13 years and Sherif 4 years " his youngest kid Sherif has a valve inserted in his brain.
The ex-parliamentarian continued his attempts of pressuring on him so as not to submit a complaint about the torture he faced at the police station. He offered to the victim"s family fifty thousand pounds which increased to one hundred thousand pounds " 100000 Egyptian pounds" plus paying all costs of treating his youngest kid, but Hamido"s family refused.
After the tortured victim died, his family submitted a complaint against police officer, Osama Gomaah, Al Fayyum police chief and officer, Moataz Abdul Mongi. The investigation into the death of Hamido are going on.