New Torture Incident Committed by Egyptian Police
New Torture Incident Committed by Egyptian Police
Friday, September 21,2007 08:58
A new torturing incident hs abeen committed by Egyptian police against citizens. This time, the victim hasn"t been tortured only, he was obliged to take of his clothes and was sodomized while he was in the police station to complete his releasing measures following a quarrel complaint, according to prosecution decision.
The incident related by Al-Masri Al-Yom Newspaper on Thuesday shows that Shawqi submitted a complaint to Tarek Sabra, the chief prosecutor of Muharram Beik, Alexandria , in which he accused a number of the police station officers of removing all his clothes and sodomizing him while he was appearing before the prosecution in beating incident. He said that when the prosecution released him he went to Muharam Beik police station to complete his releasing measures. lieutenant Mohamed Shalabi saw him and ordered him to squat, but the victim informed him that his leg hurts him and he can squat. The officer showered him with a spate of insults. Meanwhile, another officer came, a lieutenant colonel called Amgad Sobhi, and he beat along with lieutenant Mohamed Shalabi the victim and threw him in a prison cell.
  According to Al-Masri Al-Yom correspondent in Alexandria , police major Shadi Al-Islam arrived and ordered the victim released from the cell and brought to the police room in the upper floor. He handcuffed the victim, tied him to the window iron bars and beat him with his fists. Then, he ordered two policemen, Mahmoud Nawar and Sadek, to remove all clothes of the victim, but they hesitated. So, the major did this himself, and he caused several injuries in the victim"s body with his car key.
Another prisoner was inside the room with the victim who advised him to shoot pictures in such a state and show them to the prosecutor when he leaves the police station. So, he borrowed a mobile phone and made someone take two footages of him in such a state, footage is 1.16 minutes and the other is 35 seconds and they were submitted to the prosecution.
Al-Masry Al-Yom"s report adds that a prosecution team from Muharram Beik went to inspect the detention room. While inspecting the prison, the prosecution team found the victim"s clothes behind a door in the police station. It found also 4 thick sticks and a whip used in torturing. The prosecution revealed that the victim"s name wasn"t listed in the logbook since Sep, 10th and the logbook was seized and the other accused who shot the footages of the victim was subpoenaed to describe to the prosecution what he happened and he confirmed what the victim said in his complaint. The prosecution heard testimonies of other witnesses who were in the beating and sodomizing scene by accident. Judge Mohamed Qasem, the attorney general of Sharq prosecutions, issued subpoenas for lieutenant colonel Amgad Sobhi, major Shadi Islam, lieutenant Mohamed Shalabi and two policemen to investigate into the incident.