MB Bloc Lodges Bill Banning Jail in Publication Cases
MB Bloc Lodges Bill Banning Jail in Publication Cases
Monday, September 17,2007 11:45
Ahmed Abu Baraka, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) parliamentary bloc, confirmed that the bloc will submit a bill banning prison sentences on publication crimes in next parliamentary round .
Abu Baraka said that the MB bloc submitted the bill in the last legislative round and the one before it, However, the National Democratic Party (NDP)-ruled government used its majority to passing its bill without any consideration to interests of the Egyptian people.
Pointing out that the NDP"s bill imprisons those involved in publication crimes, and it did not cancel this sentence in contradiction to president Mubarak"s promises the to journalists, Abu Baraka- who is shouldered with preparing the bill banning prison sentences in publication cases- said that the MB bloc"s bill includes amendments to the law of penalties related to publication crimes of canceling all prison sentences in addition to calling for canceling the press law which was first enacted by the British occupation in Egypt and is still enacted, although it is considered of the world"s worst laws violating freedoms.
Abu Baraka said that the MB bloc"s bill introduces a modern legislative system that guarantees all rights prescribed by the Egyptian constitution to citizens .
The MB parliamentarian said that he read all Egyptian publishing laws to amend the bill and introduce it again in the coming parliamentary round.
The MB parliamentary bloc called on in a statement on Sunday political powers and parties and the Human Rights Organizations and civil society institutions to back it in the amendments that it plans to submit at the beginning of the coming round, aiming to cancel laws that impose prison sentences in publication cases .