We Reject Any Attempts to Prolong Mosharraf’s Rule: Islamic Group in Pakistan
We Reject Any Attempts to Prolong Mosharraf’s Rule: Islamic Group in Pakistan
Monday, September 3,2007 07:46
By Asmaa Shehata
Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf sent number of his aides to London to join Pakistani National Security Advisor Tariq Aziz to negotiate with former Prime Minister, Benazir Bhutto, over an agreement according to Which Musharraf leaves his post as army commander and that Bhutto returns as a Prime Minister.
" There attempts for reaching an agreement between both parties but they have failed due to a conflict of personal interests between both parties" said the media spokesman of the Islamic group in Pakistan. There is no substantial differences in policies of Bhutto or Mosharraf. Their domestic and foreign attitudes are the same", Abdul Ghaffar Aziz adding that "Mosharraf rule has reached a deadlock while there are US attempts to bring closer Bhutto and Mosharraf".
Abdul Ghaffar Aziz added in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" The conflict of interests led to a deadlock in their talks to reach a reconciliation. The ruling party and on which Pervez Musharraf is depending opposed the agreement stressing that Bhutto"s return will not give the ruling party the power and authorities it seeks". Benazir Bhutto didn"t address the escalating popular demands in Pakistan for ending the military rule and stripping Musharraf of the post of commanding army".
Therefore, she conditioned that Mosharraf abandons his military post before holding any cooperation or agreement between them", said Aziz.
Attempts to prolong Pervez Musharraf"s rule are rejected by Islamic and political parties in Pakistan, said spokesman of the Islamic group.
Aziz added that Qazi Ahmed Hussein Ahmed filed a lawsuit in front of the Supreme Court in which he demands ending Mosharraf"s rule because he isn"t qualified to rule the country or head the army. "This proves that Pervez Musharraf"s rule is about to end " added Aziz.
Qazi Ahmed Hussein"s case in the Supreme Court in Pakistan prompted the formation of a three-judge committee. All judges of the Supreme Court declared that they will hear this case so as to start to try current Pakistani president. Therefore, hopes are pinned on the Supreme Court for restoring a civilian life to Pakistan!, said Aziz.
Abdul Ghaffar Aziz commented on the disagreement between Bhutto and Mshrouf, saying:" The constitutional amendment held in Mosharraf"s rule prevented any Prime Minister who ruled the country for two terms to return again to rule.
"People fear that Bhutto may become a PM again if they reached an agreement, leading to amending the constitution amendment to allow a third term for any Prime Minister. However, all agreements have failed so far. This failure will be finally confirmed during the coming hours.