7 Teachers Transferred to Administrative Jobs over Political Affiliations
7 Teachers Transferred to Administrative Jobs over Political Affiliations
Monday, August 20,2007 17:42
As a part of the ongoing crackdown maintained by the Egyptian regime against Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members, the Assistant Minister of Education in Monofiya issued decision no. 944 dated July, 7th, 2007, of transferring to administrative seven teachers working at Iraqiya Prep school , Al-Shuhada Education District, Monofiya.
These teachers are:
Ramadan Al Sayed Mahmoud Lawlah ( Arabic teacher)
Mahrous Mohamed Mohamed Al Sisi (English senior teacher)
Al-Sayed Mohamed Solaiman Sultan (social studies teacher )
Abdul Moneim Fouad Abdul Samad Badawi (Maths senior teacher)
Rizk Fadl Abdul Hamid Al Mazali (Maths senior teacher)
Anwar Abdul Ghaffar Mahmoud Badr (Arabic teacher )
Helmi Eissa Mahmoud Bardana (junior administrative worker).
It is worth mentioning that these teachers have been working in Iraqiya Prep school for more than fifteen years. However, they were stunned by this decision of arbitrarily transferring them without stating any reason, investigation or condemnation.
Al-Sayed Sultan- one of the teachers transferred to administrative jobs- says:” Firstly: We have been transferred from our original jobs to administrative jobs according to decision no. 944 dated July, 7th, 2007, which is violating law no.  47 of the year 1978 that stipulates not allowing transferring a worker to a lower job that may lead to losing his chance for a promotion and deprive the of the “teachers cadre”. Add to this that this job stated in the decision is unknown.
Secondly: We have been transferred from our village which includes our residence to other districts outside Al-Shuhadaa according to the stated decision. This causes us psychological, material and social harm, given that the transfer took place without our consent and without any known reason.
Third: Everyone in the school, including the school administration, the teaching staff and all workers in the school testify that we are doing our duty in a very good manner. We have achieved high grades in various academic years and we were given the prize of the ideal teacher in several years.