1 Million Pounds Stolen from Safe of Egyptian Reformist Hassan Malik
1 Million Pounds Stolen from Safe of Egyptian Reformist Hassan Malik
Wednesday, August 15,2007 12:50
More developments were unveiled during the latest military trial held last Sunday against forty Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The military Attorney General discovered while opening the sealed safe of businessman Hassan Malik that all its contents that included jewels, some foreign currencies, and up to one million Egyptian pounds, disappeared and that the safe was empty.
This raised eyebrows of the military prosecutor, specially that he had asked, ahead of opening the safe, the State Security Police officer Hisham Mohamed Tawfik- the one officer who seized the safe and a prosecution witness against Malik- about the contents mentioned by Malik and the officer acknowledged this.
Malik has previously said, in the third session of the military court, that his private safe is and that it contained his wife’s jewels and money in several currencies. . In the latest session, the prosecution brought the safe but it failed to open it although it was opened by touch. The court subpoenaed a safe expert to open it before Malik, a representative of the state security prosecution, the military Attorney General and the officer who seized it. This took place in the Higher State Security Prosecution headquarters.
It is worth mentioning that officer Hisham Tawfik was among the campaign that arrested Hassan Malik and seized the sequestered items including the safe whose valuable contents were discovered to be stolen in front of the military prosecutor.
Mohamed Toson- a member of the defence team and Egyptian bar syndicate treasurer, said :” Stealing Hassan" Malik’s safe has recurred before. Some officers were used to steal contents of the detainees, but the previous cases included only stealing Mobiles or little sums of money, but it is this time a case of stealing up to one million pounds.
Toson added that the military prosecutor discovered that the safe’s electric circuit has been touched. It was damaged due to using sharp machines to open it in order to steal its contents.
Toson said that this theft case proves that the charges against Hassan Malik are politically motivated and that the claimed sequestered items have been damaged and stolen.
Toson confirmed that the defence team of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees will submit a complaint to the attorney general about stealing these contents.