40 Qalyubiyah MBs Rounded Up in Summer Holiday
40 Qalyubiyah MBs Rounded Up in Summer Holiday
Saturday, August 11,2007 06:46

Egyptian security forces arrested on Saturday at dawn 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in Qalyubiyah, north of Cairo , while they were in Baltym summer resort, Kafr El Sheikh.
Names of the detainees are yet to be disclosed.
For his part, Mohsen Radi, a member of parliament for Banha constituency,  Qalyubiyah, considered these detentions are in line with the unjustified policy of escalation adopted by the Egyptian government against the Muslim Brotherhood"s members.
Radi added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that these continuous detentions in summers resort reveal Egyptian regime"s provocative plans for imposing more dictatorship and more repression of freedoms against citizens, particularly opposition .
Radi pointed out that the Egyptian regime has recently repeated this unjustified action of arresting members and groups affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group going to summer resorts as if the MB is banned from going to summers resorts.