Egyptian Justice Releases 5 MB Leaders
Egyptian Justice Releases 5 MB Leaders
Wednesday, August 8,2007 00:00

Cairo Criminal Court acquitted on Wednesday five Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders and ordered them released. The five MB leaders are Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, a member of MB Executive Bureau, Dr. Mohie Hamed, Dr. Mostafa Al Ghoneimi, Mohamed Al Qassas and Mohamed Al Sorougi. They were detained on March, 12th, 2007, on charge of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood group .
The Cairo Criminal court issued a ruling on Monday of prolonging their detention for 45 days, but the ruling was appealed in front of the eighth circuit in the same court, leading to today"s acquittal.
In his reaction to court release, Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, the chief defence lawyer, told Ikhwanweb, that the ruling proves that the Egyptian judicial system still deserves the trust of the Egyptian people, through backing any one facing injustice regardless of the political affiliations.
He confirmed that the court issued its ruling after it became sure that there is no evidences or even suspicion to back the groundless claims of the state security police .

"I hope the authorities will implement the court ruling and quickly release the MB leaders before issuing any other arrest warrant", said Abdul Maqsood.
It"s worth mentioning that the Nasr City-based Higher State Security Prosecution heard on Wednesday 18 Muslim Brotherhood members who were detained two weeks from a houses in Al Matariya, east of Cairo .It  ordered them jailed for 15 more days pending investigations.