Too Hot Summer Holiday: 50 Students Arrested in Alex.
Too Hot Summer Holiday: 50 Students Arrested in Alex.
Saturday, June 30,2007 00:00
By Ikhwanweb
State security forces arrested 50 students from the Egyptian summer resort of Hanoville, Agamy, west of Alexandria , on Saturday at dawn, after raiding three flats which the students rented to spend three days holiday. The students are currently appearing before the prosecution. They are 26 from the faculty of engineering Ain Shams university, Cairo , 17 from the universities of Banha and Menofiya and seven students from Alexandria University .
It is worth mentioning that Muslim Brotherhood students in Egyptian universities have been facing a relentless security crackdown since they declared, earlier this academic year, establishing the free student union.
The detained students include:
Mohamed Abbas
Mus’ab Al-Gammal
Hassan Ezzuddin
Anas Abdul Qader
Hassan Nasr
Saad Saleh
Osama Hossam
 Mahmoud Ahmed Abdul Qader
Abdul Aziz Nagi
Mohamed Sayed Gomaah
Assem Mohamed Al Zanati
Abdul Rahman Sami
Rami Haggag
Ahmed Abul Ela
Ahmed Ashraf
Abdul Rahman Ashraf
Haitham Mohamed Salah Ashour
Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Al Rafie
Omar Yahya Shahin
Hossam Badawi
Mohamed Abdullah
Ahmed Sabri
Ahmed Nagi
Karim Said
Omar Ahmed
Ahmed Abdul Fattah Atef