Father of Alex. Kidnapped Student: State Security Killed Son
Father of Alex. Kidnapped Student: State Security Killed Son
Sunday, July 29,2007 16:54
Ali Farid Solaiman, father of one of the six kidnaped students in Alexandria, accused the State Security Police of killing his son and hiding his body. Have the dawn visitors (State Security Forces raiding houses of civilians at dawn) returned to Egypt along with the phenomenon of kidnapping innocent people from streets, he wondered.
The father of the kidnapped student Mohamed Ali Farid Solaiman pointed out that he doesn"t know where his son is since Wednesday July, 18th, 2007. "I want to know what has my son committed to face such a still-unidentified fate", asked he.
Sulaiman recalled what have happened since the day of kidnapping his son. He said his son hasn"t returned since he went to attend a computer course at Sidi Beshr, accusing the state security of kidnapping of his son after some of his son"s colleagues told him this. On Thursday July, 19th, 2007, the State Security Police attacked at 4.00AM the house of the kidnaped student, Mohamed, and searched his room, seized his PC and took some religious books.
Ali Farid Solaiman, a retired army officer, asked the officer who heads the police force why they raided the house. "Because we are state security police". The father asked about his son in the State Security Police after searching for him in hospitals and police stations but in vain. He sent several telegraphs to the attorney general, the Interior Minister to know where is his son. "nine days after sending the telegraphs, no reply came to me.
"There is no logical reason for arresting my son. They have arrested him likely because he’s a good Muslim youth, a religious well-bred young man who has good morals.”
“If he had been a rapist, a thief, or a criminal, they would have never done this with him.”
Mohamed"s father said, “I still can’t expect anything right now. I don’t have any information about his location, or what happened to him.
Asked what message he wants to send to authorities, he said: “My message is to the Interior Minister. I want to ask him: “Where is my son?! He is kidnapped for about 15 days, and I haven’t found him till now, or even knew any information about him.”
 “My second message is to Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak: My son is missing. Where is my son. Please reply to my question, Mr. President”.
Asked about the family after Mohamed’s detention, he said:“ His mother has had an eye surgery. Immediately after the Security forces raided our house, her condition got worse and she suffered from an internal bleeding, and was moved to hospital. She is still there.”
For his part, Dr. Hamdi Hassan, the media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, demanded the Egyptian House Speaker, Dr. Fathi Sorour to order the Human Rights Committee to convene to immediately discuss: where have the police detained the kidnapped three Alexandrian students and why. And has any one of them died of severe torture according to reports.
Hassan:" I have been informed that one of the three kidnapped students reportedly died of severe torture inside the headquarters of the state security police. These reports were circulated while relatives of the detained students were staging a protest in front of the attorney general"s office in Alexandria. Although an official complaint has been submitted to the attorney general a week ago, no one moved and the police haven"t revealed anything about the kidnapped students. We want to fully know the unprecedented serious violations the police committed against them and whether they keep them till traces of torture disappear so that no one sue them for these violations.