Islamic Weblogs
Islamic Weblogs
Saturday, July 21,2007 11:08
By Dr. Shirin Abul Naga
" We love Egypt, we won"t stop, we won"t travel abroad, we won"t leave this". These are slogans which the one can see in the homepage of the blog of Asmaa Essam El-Erian entitled "I will live and challenge my grief" .
Asmaa Al Erian"s weblog is some kind of a window through which I looked at the scene more objectively and deeply. Asmaa- daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood leader Dr. Essam El-Erian- reacts in her weblog to all issues without exception or categorization. Read for example her description to the second round of the youth of parties to notice this feature of objectivity. She was a member in this round.
I started from this weblog to read other weblogs of the Islamic female young women. I found that all of them have the same features of full openness to all issues, public and deep communication, considerable witness, full positiveness, but the most important feature is that they aren"t entrapped in any compunction or use of any obscene words.
All of them introduce themselves as lovers of Egypt. On (Muslim Brotherhood female member), the administrator says she is "A Muslim Brotherhood female member. I deeply love Egyptian soil. I want to see it freed of the fetters of tyrants and jailers". As for the weblog of (life goes on), Somayya Essam Al Erian puts the slogan " People die, people live, constitution violated ..  everlasting president..however there are people who pray. People who struggle inside prisons…and life goes on". These weblogs are dominated by the issue of the military tribunal against Muslim Brotherhood leaders, corruption in addition to the detention, release and congratulations to Muslim Brotherhood blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud, and lessons derived from such experiences.
Moving from one weblog to another, I notice a wonderful optimism- despite all these incidents. This pleased me so much. This is because this optimism is a new discourse of a new generations who still hope that life will be better, still seek public action and follow up of the dynamism of a society that faces continuous movement.
This optimism is evident in Shaza"s weblog, She confirms that " my tongue fires Molotovs. Some of them are intentional and others are unintentional. I hope you be aware lest you get wounded." Shaza wrote a blog in English entitled "So Lonely". She received 12 comments from readers mostly revolving around the idea of rejecting pessimism and giving support to Shaza in addition to praising her literary.
On Saad Al Shater"s weblog, (some one who loves Egypt), the same slogan faces readers: " We love Egypt, we won"t stop, we won"t travel abroad, we won"t leave this issue". The weblog is, like other weblogs including, follows up the military court accurately. The slogan recurs on the weblog of Ibrahim Al Hudaibi entitled (we won"t stop). Ibrahim introduces himself with this same new fresh language. He says on his weblog he is " one of the so called Islamic movement affiliates.
"I love justice, freedom, dignity, Khairat Al Shater, Tarek Al Bishri, Al Qaradawi, Al-Ahli, macaroni, fried potatoes and people who can think... I hate injustice, lying and the hypocrisy..» he says on the homepage of his weblog. I surfed from Ibrahim Al Hudaibi"s weblog to that of Mohamed Al Qassas, an MB blogger who is currently jailed against the background of the Muslim Brotherhood"s rejection to the constitutional amendments.
He was detained on March, 13th, 2007. he introduces himself saying:" An Egyptian young man affiliated to the Islamic movement and works in the field of media and art production. I am used to spend my holiday inside Mubarak"s prisons. This weblog helps Mohamed Al Qassas maintain his contact with communist compatriots, Muslim Brothers, Nasserist colleagues and of course the group of the black hole..».
These are some examples from blogs of Islamic bloggers. These weblogs are forming a thought which is miles apart from self-centricism, passivity. This new thought adopts a genuinely Egyptian spirit of positiveness and optimism. It is a whole generation that blogs and blogs until further notice .