Falahat: No Schism in Jordan’s MB, Election Fraud Expected
Falahat: No Schism in Jordan’s MB, Election Fraud Expected
Saturday, July 21,2007 09:56
Salem Falahat, the general regulator of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Jordan denied any schism inside the group .
Falahat added there are strong indications that the coming municipal election will be rigged, but not like some Arab countries .
Asked about the Islamic movement"s preparations for the coming elections, Salem Falahat told Ikhwanweb:
We decided to participate in the municipal elections and we fielded a big number of nominees. We fielded eleven candidates for the general secretariat. Despite the government"s continuous confirmations that the elections will be carried out with fairness. However, every day incidents prove the opposite. Many attempts are taken to effect voters. Add to this some other illegal exercises done by the government which opened doors for other candidates to campaign freely even before the official launch of the election campaigns. Some candidates have stated campaigning more than a month before the official date. While candidates and supporters of of the Islamic movement are facing harassments. In spit of this, we insist on participating in the elections because through these municipalities we can serve and help people.
Salem Falahat added that the Muslim Brotherhood doesn"t expect such a size of rigging committed in elections of other Arab countries, but there will be some kind of pressures on voters to make them support government candidates. The few days ahead of the election day are the most important. However, no voter will be prevented from reaching the ballot box to cast his vote. We depend on the movement"s history because people know us very well and will take the right choice despite such measures to affect their decision.
Asked about recent reports about schisms inside the Islamic movement, Salem Falahat said:

The Muslim Brotherhood movement in Jordan has been founded 61 years ago. Since then, no schism has taken place inside it and it won"t– God Willing- take place. This is because our movement is an institution which is continuously expanding. We hope that it reaches many Arab countries. There is no person, whatever his weight, can monopolize the policy of taking decisions inside the movement. The movement consultative and command councils whose decisions are taken on a majority basis. We admit there is some kind of diligence in some of side issues. However, this actually pushes the movement ahead. We confirm that there is no schism inside the movements. Any disagreement inside the movement only enriches and benefits it.