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Tue927 2022

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20 :30
Blogger Imad Bazzi denied entry into Egypt, deported back to Lebanon
10 :13
Al Jazeera: Gunfire at Damascus military airport, some members of Syrian army have defected
09 :42
Police forces tighten security outside police academy where Mubarak's trial is held
09 :40
Mubarak trial to try to determine who gave orders for killing hundreds of protesters in the revolution set to resume unaired
02 :33
Nile Sat official confirms Iran responsible in interfering in broadcast of AlJazeera channel and other news channels in support of the Syrian regime
22 :29
Libya's new leaders say they will move to Tripoli next week
22 :27
UN report on Israeli raid on Gaza-bound flotilla blames Israel and Turkey
16 :46
EU says it is imposing an embargo on oil imports from Syria
16 :43
Turkey expels Israeli Ambassador and diplomats after UN flotilla report
16 :42
Al-Arabiya: At least 13 people are killed by Syrian security forces in mass anti-Assad protests in first Friday after Ramadan
04 :04
Egyptian protest in London against Military Trials of civilians sceduled for Sept 10 at 1:00 pm
18 :49
BBC: Libya's fugitive ex-leader Col Muammar Gaddafi says he will continue to fight his enemies, in an audio message carried by a loyalist TV channel.
00 :31
WikiLeaks: US and Australia conspired to stop Mohamed ElBaradei’s re-election at the IAEA
00 :29
Amnesty International says at least 88 people, ten of them children, have died in detentions in Syria
19 :03
Israeli columnist Larry Derfner from the Jerusalem Post fired for writing that Palestinian terrorism is 'justified'
19 :02
Iranian officials reported to have met with Syrian opposition figures
15 :24
State TV: Field Marshal Tantawi authorizes the rescinding of military tribunals for 230 civilians court-martialled
01 :22
Syrian activists warn of armed retaliation in the revolution soon
06 :53
Protest breaks out from Saad ibn Moaz Mosque,near Syria's Assad's home in Damascus,late Friday Aug 26, security forces injure 8
05 :01
Placard in Damascus suburb raised during protest this evening welcoming Arab military intervention in Syria indicating mood swing on issue
23 :01
Reuters: Libya Rebels besieging a cluster of buildings near Gaddafi compound said they believed he was hiding there with some of his sons
21 :38
Mustafa Abduljalil of the Libyan TNC says they have prepared a full registry of all those who died fighting Gaddafi
21 :06
Activists to hold Saturday, electronic protest on Facebook slamming military tribunals against civilians in Egypt
16 :43
Reuters: Libyan rebels offer amnesty for anyone who captures or kills Muammar Gaddafi - Rebel council chairman
13 :26
Reuters: Ex-UN inspector: Research center near Tripoli has uranium, other materials that could make 'dirty bomb'
02 :35
Al Arabiya TV: Rebel sources say NATO is bombing Gadhafi compound in Tripoli
20 :43
AP: UN plans to meet on Libya later this week with Arab League, European Union, Africa Union and other top organizations
16 :58
Death toll in Syria crackdown has climbed to 2200 from 2000, UN rights chief Pillay says
16 :57
Reuters: Libyan State TV off air, rebels say channel is under their control
16 :57
AFP: Egypt recognizes Libyan rebel government
02 :32
National Transitional Council co-ordinator: Gaddafi's son Mohammed surrenders to rebels
02 :27
Gaddafi regime green flags being torn down and opposition flags waved in centre of city
00 :55
Rebel leader to Al Jazeera: Saif al-Islam, Moammar Gadhafi's son, has been captured
17 :49
Reuters: Arab League condemns Israeli air strikes on Gaza and calls on United Nations to intervene
12 :59
Arab League to meet today in Cairo to discuss Israeli-Palestinian violence and deaths of Egyptian policemen amid attacks Aug. 18
05 :38
FJP Leader: Now is not the time to declare war on Israel
00 :51
CNN: Libyan rebels have taken their fight inside Tripoli, rebel spokesman says
13 :54
Cabinet committee decides to withdraw Egyptian ambassador in Israel until result of investigations of killing of Egyptian security personnel by the Israeli authorities is provided
13 :30
Reuters: Arab League to host an urgent meeting on Gaza attacks Sunday
16 :06
Hundreds gather at the Israeli embassy in Cairo to protest Israel's murder of an Egyptian army officer and two soldiers following Friday prayers
14 :36
Egyptian hackers hack an Israeli army's website leaving message "This is not Mubarak's Egypt, anymore
14 :33
Syrian forces shoot at protesters, killing 2‎ following Friday protests
03 :28
Two Egyptian soldiers and policeman killed near border
22 :09
UN rights reports Syrian forces have killed over 1900 people
22 :02
World leaders call on Syria's Assad to step aside and sanctions have been imposed against the country
21 :52
More than 12 killed in Israeli drone strike against Gaza including top commander
21 :49
Egypt's SCAF drop charges against Asmaa Mahfouz and Loai Nagati
06 :29
Reuters: Syria's Assad says military, police operations have stopped against protesters - U.N. Secretary-General Ban says
06 :28
US and Egypt scrap major military drill for this year‎
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