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Campaign promises
Mubarak’s campaign promises in his campaign kickoff event last night at Al Azhar Park:
Thursday, July 5,2007 17:24
by Charles Levinson
Mubarak’s campaign promises in his campaign kickoff event last night at Al Azhar Park:

-Constitutional amendments that enshrine the liberites of the citizen, reinvigorate political parties, develop the institutional framework of our policies and the decision making process, and place restrictions on executive authority.

-Amendments to enhance parliament’s oversight, allowing it to hold the government accountable, empowering it to be involved in the budget process.

-Reforms to guarantee fair representation of women in parliament.

-Adopting an electoral system that guarantees the greatest chance for multi-party representation.

-Revising the Judicial Authority Law to reinforce the judiciary’s independence.

-Decentralize decision making, giving more authority to local government.

-Legislation to guarantee all citizens the right to basic due process and a fair and speedy trial.

-An anti-terror law to replace the emergency law.

-Revise system of administrative detention to reinforce the rule of law.

-Legislation that will guarantee citizens’ rights to the free flow of information.

-Further enhance the performance of public newspapers.

-Create over 4 million job opportunities in the next six years, through the largest investment program Egypt has ever witnessed.

-Increase availability of micro financing.

-Empower private sector to build 1000 factories in the next six years, and to provide 250,000 job opportunities.

-Reclaim one million feddans of desert land, thus providing an additional 70,000 jobs.

-Increase hotel capacity, creating an additional 200,000 jobs.

-Extend health insurance coverage to every citizen.

-3,500 new schools over next six years.

-80,000 government subsidized new homes per year.

-Provide squatter settlements water, electricity, sewage, and access to schools.

-Establish private mass transportation companies to develop road networks in Upper and Lower Egypt.

-Ease traffic in the capital by completing third metro line.

-Raise wage of low-income civil servants by 100%.

-Increase remaining civil servants’ wages by 75%.

-Guaranteed job contracts, health insurance, and social security to those working in the informal sector.

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