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Team Of Next Egyptian Dictator
Team Of Next Egyptian Dictator
The Egyptian political arena is riddled with question marks about the future of Egypt under the coming constitutional amendments which are currently tailored inside the Egyptian presidency
Sunday, March 11,2007 15:29

The Egyptian political arena is riddled with question marks about the future of Egypt under the coming constitutional amendments which are currently tailored inside the Egyptian presidency.

Most political observers and analysts concerned with the Egyptian affairs unanimously agree that these amendments have two main targets: First: Blocking any political activity carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood group; second: setting the scene for the file of Tawreeth (hereditary transfer of power from Mubarak Sr. to Mubarak Jr.) .

The top candidate for assuming office in Egypt is Gamal, president Mubarak"s younger son; Gamal Mubarak or Mubarak Jr. has a higher political and public profile than his elder brother, Alaa. He is forty years old, and is engaged to Khadiga Al-Gamal, a daughter of the famous businessman Mahmoud Al-Gammal; he graduated from the American university in Cairo (AUC); Gamal worked after his graduation in the field of banking in London till he returned to Cairo in 1996.

Gamal Mubarak was first prepared to be a possible Egyptian economy tycoon, while participating in a network of official and nonofficial businesses, through which the broad outlines of the Egyptian economic policy is drafted. His first official post was in 1997 when he was appointed in the US-Egyptian presidential council and then in a prominent agency that includes Egyptian and US businessmen.

The process of preparing him was handled in a balanced and strategic method. The preliminary step was to portray him as a role-model and hero for the youth, the class that mostly suffer from unemployment, and it is also the most prominent section that may pose threats to the political stability; he established the Future Generation Foundation (FGF), a non-governmental organization, in 1998; Gamal distributed positions in this society among young men; one year after founding it, the FGF grew rapidly; his close connection with it led to spreading rumours that this entity will be the political engine from which he will make his way to the presidency. This caused negative reactions among the Armed Forces and the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). Gamal maintained his relationship with the FGF but by 2000, it was clear that it can not play the role of a Trojan horse against the NDP. In January 2000, he joined the General Secretariat of the National Democratic Party, and began to climb its ladder till he became a de facto party leader. In September 2002, he was the General Secretary of the Policy Committee, the third most powerful position in the party and the kitchen for most of the government’s actions; Gamal"s influence took steam in the political scene.

The domination of the NDP over the Egyptian political life in addition to Gamal Mubarak"s clear role in policy making, led to making him within a few months more influential than the Prime Minister in political issues.

His power in selecting NDP candidates for the legislative elections gave him an actual control over the party; all obstacles in front of Gamal"s political rise were removed, even Youssef Wali, the NDP Secretary-General, was sidelined.

The following is a bird"s eye view of the institutions controlled by Gamal Mubarak and his followers, members of the NDP policies committee

Gamal Mubarak succeeded in establishing a huge network of businessmen who have already managed to control all economic and political institutions; the NDP policies committee, which is led by Gamal Mubarak and his men, is controlling the state of Egypt.

For example, Mubarak Jr. appointed his sincere follower, Mahmoud Muhiddeen as a Minister of Investment and Public Enterprise; his main task was to sell the public sector, banks, hotels and all state-owned economic plants to fake companies owned by businessmen loyal to Gamal Mubarak. To cite an example, Al-Ahram Beer company was sold to a businessman loyal to Gamal Mubarak, called Ahmed Al Zayyat, without making an advertisement about a tender as prescribed by law; this company was sold for less than only 50 million pounds, a sum which hasn"t been paid in full until now although the sales of this company was up to one billion pounds annually. 3 years later, Al Zayyat sold a part of this company to the Danish beer company of Heineken for 300 million dollars, 40 times more than its prices when it was sold to Al Zayyat.

The following are the most important institutions that spawn Gamal Mubarak"s gangsters (through which huge donations are coming from abroad under the pretext that they are civil society institutions while they go to the burses of Mubarak"s family):

=the policies committee (www.ndp.org.eg/policies_committee/policy_amana.asp)

= The Future Generation Foundation (www.fgf.org.eg)

= The Social Fund (www.sfdegypt.org)

= Bibliotheca Alexandria (www.bibalex.org)

= The National Council for Women (www.ncwegypt.com)

= The American Chamber of Commerce (www.amcham.org.eg)

= The Egypt-US Business Council (www.us-egypt.org)

= the Egyptian center of economic studies (www.eces.org.eg)

The following are names of the most important men who are loyal to Gamal Mubarak in some of the above mentioned institutions; it is noticed that they the dominating over the Egyptian economy:

First: The Egyptian center for economic studies:

1-Ahmed Al-Maghrabi: head of. French hotel chain Accor in Egypt (of Saudi nationality).

His Main Products and Activities: Hotels of Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure, Itab, Eyepiece, Pullman and Xpress .

2-Ahmad Bahgat: The head of Bahgat Group (US nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: Goldi domestic products (televisions, washing machines and refrigerators ), Dreamland city of entertainment in 6the October city, Dream satellite channel.

3-Ahmed Ezz: Member of parliament, NDP Secretary-General of Organization, head of Ezz Group (Palestinian nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: Reinforced concrete .

4-Shafik Gabr: Head of Artoc Group.

His Main Products and Activities: Skoda cars.

5-Moataz Al Alfi: Head of Americana co.

His Main Products and Activities: Mericana canned food, Americana frozen meat and chickens, Ameicana sauce, Pizza Hut, Kentucky chicken, Tikka chicken, Hardee"s, TGI Fridays, Subway, Baskin Robins, Grand Cafe, Fish Market.

6-Mohamed Farid Khamis: A member of the Shura Council (upper chamber of parliament), head of the Oriental Weavers co. (of a Czech nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: carpets and petrochemicals.

7-Mohamed Lotfi Mansour: the Minister of Transport and head of Mansour Group (of a US nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: Cars of Opel, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Isuzu, and cigarettes of Marlborough, Merritt and LM, supermarket Metro, Caterpillar equipments, Mcdonald restaurants, trucks of Chevrolet and Isuzu, Michelin tyres, Acer computer, HP computer, Siemens electronic devices, Labanita Dairy products, Tang juices, Kraft preserved foods, Hayah mineral water, Sunshine canned tuna, IBM computer.

8-Rashid Mohamed Rashid: The current Minister of Economy; owns the company of Fine Foods and Unilever Mashriq Co. he has been appointed Minister of Industry and Trade in the new cabinet (Of a British nationality).

His Main Products and Activities: Omo soap, Konour chicken soup, Lipton tea, Ponds tea, soaps, Riksona cosmetics, Sunsilk soaps and cosmetics, Dove soaps and cosmetics, Axe cosmetics and soap.

9-Shafik Baghdadi: head of Fresh Foods co.

His Main Products and Activities: Fresh Foods products.

10-Galal Al Zurba: Head of the Nile clothes co.

His Main Products and Activities: shirts of Huzhen and Pierre Kardan.

11-Taher Helmi: Owns CNI (ShowTime )

His Main Products and Activities: Satellite channels, brokerage, bank loans and attorneyship.

12-Gamal Mubarak: head of the London-based Medinvest Associates Ltd (of British Nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: Selling Egyptian debts, brokerage of banks loans, real estate investment, tourist projects, speculation in the stock exchange and securities, and other .

Second: Future Generation Foundation

1-Gamal Mubarak: Chairman of the foundation

2-Moataz Al Alfi: Vice Chairman

3-Ahmed Al-Maghrabi: a member of Board of Directors

4-Ahmed Ezz: a member of Board of Directors

5-Galal Al Zurba: a member of Board of Directors

6-Rashid Mohamed Rashid: a member of Board of Directors

7-Hisham Al Sherif : a member of Board of Directors

Third: The American Egyptian Works Council

1-Galal Al Zurba

2-Ahmed Al Zayyat: Head of Al-Ahram beer company

His Main Products and Activities: Beryl and Fairouz drinks; the beer of Stella, beer of Saqqara, beer of Maester, beer of Heineken.

3-Ahmed Ezz: he controls 70 % of Egyptian iron; he is the NDP Secretary-General of Organization.

4-Ahmed Al Baradie: Head of the National Bank and Egyptian American Bank.

5-Raouf Ghabbour: Head of Ghabbour Group

His Main Products and Activities: Hyundai cars, Goodyear tyres, Mitsubishi trucks, Brother sewing machines, Volvo buses, Scania spare parts, Bosh spare parts, Bagage bike (indebted 3 billion to banks and he stopped paying them).

6-Shafik Gabr

7-Mohamed Lotfi Mansour

8-Moataz Al Alfi

9-Hossam Badrawi: Member of parliament; head of Badrawi group of hospitals

His Main Products and Activities: Badrawi hospitals.

Fourth: The Policies Committee

1-Ahmed Gamaluddin Mousa: he was fired from the Ministry of Education because of his kinship to Muslim Brotherhood leader Gamal Heshmat.

2-Ahmed Ezz

3-Osama Al-Ghazali Harb: Member of Shura Council (Upper chamber of Parliament)

4-Amin Mubarak: Member of Parliament

5-Anas Al Feqi: Current Minister of Information

6-Galal Al Zurba

7-Hossam Badrawi

8-Rashid Mohamed Rashid: Current Minister of Economy

9-Shafik Baghdadi

10-Shafik Gabr

11-Tarek Kamel: Appointed Minister of Communications in the new cabinet

12-Taher Helmi

13-Abdul Moneim Soudi: Head of Saudi Group

His Main Products and Activities: Cars of Suzuki, Nissan, Scania buses.

14-Tharwat Basili: Head of Amon Pharmaceutical Co.

His Main Products and Activities: medicines and pharmaceutical compounds

15-Mohamed Farid Khamis

16-Mohamed Abul Einein: Member of parliament: head of Cleopatra co. for ceramics (of Italian nationality)

His Main Products and Activities: Bathrooms ceramics

17-Mahmoud Mohieddin: Appointed Minister of Investment in the current Cabinet.

18-Nader Riadh: Head of Bavaria company

His Main Products and Activities: Fire extinguishers.

19-Amr Ezzat Salama: Minister of Higher Education in the current Cabinet.

20-Mansour Amer: Member of Parliament: owns Chili"s restaurants

His Main Products and Activities: Restaurants of Chili"s, Johnny Carino"s and Alain Le Notre.

21-Mohamed Hani Saif Al Nasr: The Secretary General of the Social Fund

22-Hisham Talaat Mostafa: A member of the Shura Council; Head of Talaat Mostafa Group

His Main Products and Activities: Al-Rihab city, Four Seasons hotels.

23-Youssef Boutros Ghaly: The Minister of Finance

Fifth: Others From Outside The Policies Committee and Gamal Mubarak"s Other Foundations:

1-Farag Amer: Head of the Egyptian company for freezing and making meat

His Main Products and Activities: Faragello luncheon meat, frozen meats.

N.B.: Farag Amer was discovered to be making luncheon from the meat of donkeys; however, high-ranking leaders intervened and stopped the investigations and the topic was kept secret because Gamal Mubarak is a partner with Farag Amer with a free stake up to about 40 %.


2-Ahmed Arafa, Ashraf Arafa and Alaa Arafa: owners of Golden TEX Group

Main Products and Activities: Shops and clothes of Louis, Concrete, Mex, Grand Stores, Hurriay Mall, Pierre Cardin, Daniel Hechter, G Laroche (indebted to banks 4 billions; stopped paying debts)

N.B: Ahmed Arafa is a close friend to Hosni Mubarak since they were in the same batch in the Air Force Academy; the state-owned company and shops of Orku were sold to his two sons without declaring a tender and for a very low price; they were renamed Grand Stores. Also, there was a procrastination and delay in issuing a decision of opening the door of importing ready-made clothes from abroad according to the GATT agreement whose deadline for Egypt expired early 2006, in order to protect Arafa"s products from foreign competition specially that Gamal Mubarak is a partner with them with a free stake up to about 30 %. Also, the status of Port Said as a free zone has been cancelled to protect Mubarak Jr. and Arafa"s clothes from the clothes smuggled from Port Said.

3-Hamza Al Khouli, Hussein Salem and Ibrahim Kamel: Owners of First For Investment.

His Main Products and Activities: First Mall, Movenpick and Four Seasons hotels.

N.B: Hamza Al Khouli and Hussein Salem are Hosni Mubarak"s partners in the arms trade; therefore banks were opened for them to borrow any amout of money they want.

4-The Bavarian auto company: Gamal Mubarak and others. BMW cars

5-Fahd Al Shobokshi and Abdul Rahman Al Sharbatli (both are Saudis): Owners of City Star project (hotels of Intercontinental, Shopping Mall cinemas)

6-Saleh Kamel (Saudi): Owns ART Seattleite station.

7-Al-Walid Ibn-Talal (Saudi): Owner of Four Seasons hotels in Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh.

8- Naguib Sawiris: Owner of Misr cement co..

9-Mohamed Nusair: Head of Vodafone co.

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