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Al-Katatny to Ikhwanweb : Nazif’s Statements are Unconstitutional
The Egyptian prime minister statements that Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deputies will not be allowed to act in parliament as Muslim Brothers and that any succes
Tuesday, May 23,2006 00:00
by Mohammed Aly, Ikhwanweb

The Egyptian prime minister statements that Muslim Brotherhood (MB) deputies will not be allowed to act in parliament as Muslim Brothers and that any success by the MB will not be allowed in the next elections have drawn angry reactions

Prof. Mohamed Saad al-Katatny, Chairman of the MB’s parliamentary bloc responded by saying “Dr. Ahmad Nazif’s statements prove that he is not well aware of the Egyptian political realities. By those statements, he is simply ignoring 20 percent of the members of the People’s Assembly (parliament), i.e. the MB parliamentary bloc, who obtained 40 percent of the electorate’s votes. By saying so, he is also not respecting the Constitution regarding which he made an oath to respect, because the Constitution provides that the nation is the source of powers and that it is the people who elected those deputies as Muslim Brothers. The latter entered the parliament as Muslim Brothers and their publicity posters still bear the emblem of the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Al-Katatni pointed out that “the Egyptian people have been disappointed and let down by the said statements in which the prime minister also said that Egypt was not ready now for reform, which confirms the Egyptian government’s intention to make a full U-turn regarding the question of constitutional and political reforms promised by the president of the republic in his electoral program.”

With regard to Nazif’s statement concerning the banning of demonstrations, al-Katatnyi said, “demonstrations are a constitutional right for citizens and the prime minister is not entitled either to grant it or deny it. That statement came in response to huge popular support for judges over the past few weeks.*

Al-Katatni felt amazed by Nazif’s statement that he would try to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood deputies from entering the People’s Assembly at the next parliamentary session, “how can the prime minister prevent the MB from having deputies in parliament during the next elections? Will the prime minister resort to pseudo-jurists to concoct a bizarre law to prevent the MB from fielding candidates in the elections or will he resort to repression and the heavy-handed tactics of the Ministry of the Interior to prevent voters from voting for the MB candidates like what happened during the second and third stages of the last legislative elections late last year?”

Al-Katatni underlined that he would submit a note to the speaker of the People’s Assembly regarding the Dr. Nazif’s statements “which prejudices the dignity of the MB deputies whom he described as belonging to a banned secret organization.”

The Egyptian political scene is the theatre of a ferocious confrontation between the Egyptian regime and the political opposition forces which call for authentic political reforms. It is in this context that security forces have lately rounded up about 800 political opponents, the majority of whom are leading figures in the Muslim Brotherhood which won 88 seats, or 20 percent of the total number of parliament’s seats, during  the last legislative elections.

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