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Statement of Muslim Scholars Union
The World Muslim Scholars Union released a statement on the recent attempts of some fanatics to play Sunnis and Shiites off against each other and downplay the resistance in
Saturday, July 29,2006 00:00
by Ikhwanweb

The World Muslim Scholars Union released a statement on the recent attempts of some fanatics to play Sunnis and Shiites off against each other and downplay the resistance in Lebanon on ideological or political grounds. The statement hails the heroic operations launched by the resistance in Lebanon and calls on all Muslims regardless of their sects or ages or nationalities to be in solidarity with their brothers in Lebanon and Palestine with souls, money and writing messages. It affirms that Muslims are all brothers, and lashes out at those who seek to break rank and cause havoc within the Nation.


The statement starts with verses from the Koran which deal with times of troubles and hardships, saying

“Here is a plain statement to people, a guidance and instruction to those who fear God.  Don’t lose heart or fall into despair, for you must gain mastery if you are true in faith. If a wound has touched you, be sure a similar wound has touched the others (your enemy). Such days ( of varying fortune) We give to men by turns, so that God may know those that believe and that he may take to Himself from among your ranks martyrs to be witnesses to the Truth and God loves not those that do wrong. God’s object also is to purge those that are true in faith and to deprive of blessing those that resist faith”

After thanking God and sending peace and prayers for the prophet, the statement said:

The heroic battles launched by the soldiers of God in Palestine and Lebanon in the past two weeks , in confrontation of the enemies of God from the Zionists and those who back them, remind us of the heroic ones in the first centuries of Islam. So, the Muslim Scholars Union finds  incumbent on it to remind the sons of the Nation regardless of their nationalities or sects to provide their support to their brothers in Lebanon and Palestine, offering  their souls and money,  and even through writing messages to let people know about their brothers’ calamities and disasters. This solidarity is a right of each Muslim enjoined in the verses of the Koran and the prophet’s sayings. The prophet enjoins that a Muslim help his brother and does not let him down or surrender him to enemies or does injustice against him. The prophet also enjoins that any Muslim whatever his/ her status or rank may represent the entire nation before other nations, and that all Muslims are one hand against others (aggressors). The Koran also enjoins that “Believers, men and women, are in solidarity with each other” More, Islam makes it a duty on all Muslims to defend any Muslim land occupied by an enemy and this is an individual obligation, with Islam enjoining those physically strong believers to rush to the jihad if he is called in to help his brothers who need men and weapons and money. God says:” Go (to fight enemies) in all cases (old or young, healthy or ill, rich or poor) with your money and your persons in the Cause of God.” And the prophet says : If you are called in for fighting enemies, you must respond to the calls of jihad” It means that one must sacrifice his money or weapon or even soul via a host of ways and means, topped by martyrdom. But there are other means of supporting the cause, such as promoting for it through messages and other means of communication, as well as urging people to go for jihad and assembling people to pray that God save the oppressed and destroy the aggressors. Islam also warns of campaigns to distort the image of strugglers or hindering them or criticizing their jihad, as God said of those people and the like” Verily God knows those among you who discourage other Muslims from staging jihad, while they themselves do not fight except for just a little while. They fail to help you, so when fear comes, you will see them look at you with their eyes revolving as if they are to die( of fear) but when the fear is past, they speak of you with sharp tongues, failing to do good. Such men have no faith and so God has made their deeds of none effect, and that is easy for God”. Another verse teaches  the Nation not to count much on such people, by saying: Men sought to  frighten the  believers by saying ” A great army is gathering against you, but this only increased their faith and they said: For us God suffices and He is the best disposer of affairs “. And they returned with Grace and Bounty from God: no harm ever touched them, for they sought to please God, and God is the Lord of bounties unbounded. It is only the Evil One that suggests to you the fear of his followers, so don’t fear them and fear me if you are believers”

The Muslim Scholars Union reiterates the necessity of the Muslim unity and warns of sliding into the virulent calls released by misled people here or there who attack a Muslim sect or foment sedition among Muslims or claim that their school of thought is the only absolute right which exclude other sects and opinions . The Union also warns in particular of listening to those who accuse a Muslim sect of heresy or disbelief, an accusation which to the Union’s surprise didn’t emerge except after the resistance showed an earth shaking courage in fighting the enemy. There are voices which seek to drive a wedge between the Sunnis and the Shiites although both of them are Muslims, trying to fan a war between them. In fact, the unanimously agreed opinion is that any one who utters the sentence Laelahaellallah( No God but Allah) is a Muslim, and the variation of religious viewpoints do not harm as long as they are within the context of the constants of Islam, of which is the judgment issued by the prophet when he said : He who says Laelahaellallah becomes a Muslim and his money and soul must be protected against any harm except rights ( of others), and his affairs are left to God” It is time to respond to God’s ordain : Hold Fast to God’ accord and do not break ranks “ and the verse” Don’t dispute or you will fail and your strength will go down the drain” and the verse “ Believers are brothers “ and the prophet’s saying: Nothing is worse than your contempt of your Muslim brother. Every Muslim’s blood and money and honor are fully protected “ The prophet also says “ Believers are to each others like the well built  wall with its bricks completely attached”

The savage aggression launched by those cursed and cowards, who honor no pledge or observe relationship, over our brothers in Lebanon and Palestine shows that the enemy fears to launch a man to man confrontation, so it takes revenge of the noncombatant old men, women and children, using internationally banned weapons for devastating houses, schools and hospitals as well the country’s infrastructure. This virulent aggression is reinforced by two quarters: those who back them and those who keep silent over their crimes. However, all these crimes will only lead to more steadfastness of the Nation whose sons have showed heroism and patience leaving enemies in perplexity and panic. The Koran heralds that the angels will be with the believers” Remember your Lord inspired the angels- with the message- “I am with you: Give firmness to the believers. I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. You believers: Hit them on the neck and hit each finger”

However, one must not mistakenly think that the losses which the criminal Zionists sustained on the Lebanese front will make them reduce their targeting of the Palestinian front, since the reality shows that the Zionists are intensifying their criminal attacks on our brothers in Palestine, which makes incumbent on us to keep the utmost alert and vigilance, and to continue to offer all forms of support including the alms funds, charity and bequeaths and the like. Muslims even must cut off part of their daily spending for their brothers as the Union said early on.

“And God has full power and control over His affairs, but most among mankind know it not”


Dr. Mohammed Selim el Awa   Dr. Yousuf el Qaradawi

 Union Secretary General                    Union Chairman    

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