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Wed926 2018

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Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Arrest of Amb. Marzouk, and Dr. Al Qazaz
Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Arrest of Amb. Marzouk, and Dr. Al Qazaz
Tuesday, August 28,2018 17:44

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the arrest of a number of political activists on Thursday August 23rd by military regime security forces, foremost among them Ambassador Masoum Marzouq and Dr. Yahya al-Qazzaz, in a new attack on freedoms as part of the opposition silencing policy that targets politicians and activists from different orientations. This reaffirms the approach of the bloody coup, which brings the situation in the country to an abyss and jeopardizes its unity and national security.

It has been clear that the coup regime's intimidation campaign is aimed at all Egyptians who dare to oppose the regime, rather than a particular group or party. Therefore, it is incumbent on all national forces to unite and march towards a revolution to save Egypt from this coup, its adventures and its continuing violations of human rights; and to reinstate the Egyptian people's usurped rights and restore people's right to freedom, and democracy, in which rights are safeguarded and the ultimate word belongs to the Egyptian people.

Muslim Brotherhood

Thursday, 12 Dhu al Hijjah 1439 AH, August, 23rd, 2018 
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