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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood: Regime Repression Unprecedented in Egypt’s History
Muslim Brotherhood: Regime Repression Unprecedented in Egypt’s History
Wednesday, April 18,2018 08:39

The junta's extending the state of emergency for an additional three months, starting April 14, 2018, is a typical attempt to make the Egyptian people believe they’re in alleged a state of war, which they’re expected to live in permanently. 

Despotic regimes always invoke a hidden enemy to bear all their failures, as well as their repressive and exceptional measures that are intended only to tighten the grip on power, while accomplishing nothing on the economic and  social levels. What is more dangerous is to continue perversion and corruption without accountability or scrutiny.

It is not secret that with the state of emergency comes the silencing the media, the blocking of free and personal expression, in addition to full political control of the judiciary and its rulings. The innocents are prosecuted for uncorroborated crimes and recklessness and vague accusations. They are then referred to the military courts or other judiciary and terrorism courts within the state security apparatus.

The coup has continued all the abuses of the previous regime, which Egyptians had revolted against, and surpassed the previous regime in repression, torture, and the use of the murder machine. Hence, Egyptians have no choice but to continue their revolution to overthrow all those who wish to usurp their future and freedom in their homeland. The revolution that has previously achieved what no one expected is capable, by Allah's permission, will re-establish what the people aspire to and hope for.

Ahmed Assem

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood

Sunday, 29 Rajab 1439 AH

April 15, 2018
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