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AUC Professor Calls for International Investigation into Terrorism Crimes in Egypt
AUC Professor Calls for International Investigation into Terrorism Crimes in Egypt
Tuesday, December 5,2017 11:37
Dr. Nader Al-Firgani, political expert and professor of economics at the American University in Cairo (AUC), called for an international investigation into the terrorism incidents that hit Egypt since the emergence of General al-Sisi in view of Egypt's judicial system inability to achieve justice at home.

Professor Al Firgani on his Facebook page noted the reluctance of the current president to conduct serious impartial and transparent investigation into terrorism crimes, indicates that the outcome of this investigation will most likely hold the tyrant or his security apparatus responsible by default and negligence, if not by deliberate cover-up and complicity. 

He added that in the absence of decisive mechanisms to establish justice in Egypt, an international investigation into these crimes against humanity is inevitable!

Noteworthy, some research bodies have identified more than 1670 armed operations over the past four years, resulting in about 4000 deaths and more than 15 thousand injuries according to official statistics announced by the Ministries of Defense, Interior, and Health, without any information on any judicial investigation into these crimes. At the same time, the Egyptian law enforcement takes the approach of systematic  extrajudicial killing of those it alleges are perpetrators of such operations without any investigations, which violates all laws and constitute a crime against humanity. 
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