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Syria Muslim Brotherhood's Shura Council Issues Sixth Session Statement
Syria Muslim Brotherhood's Shura Council Issues Sixth Session Statement
Sunday, October 8,2017 13:28

1. We are committed to a political solution in Syria based on national and international principles and the principles of the Syrian revolution, unity of Syrian society and the civil state of the future Syria.

2. We adopt a just solution that does not accept the criminal Bashar Al-Assad or rehabilitate him at any stage, but puts him on trial, along with all those whose hands have been stained with the blood of the Syrian people.

3. Our role since the first hours of the revolution was clear, without ambiguity or hesitation: we supported and participated, and pushed towards consensus, the consolidation of forces and unity among all ranks within the national project that covers all.

4. Amid the projects of division and demographic change, we are committed to the identity of the Syrian people and unity of their sovereign land.

5. We participated in the revolution out of patriotism, with no attempt to dominate, influence or control as alleged by some dubious propaganda.

6. The Russian and Iranian presence (including Hezbollah militias and other branches) is a direct military occupation of our country. We see no solution offered by these occupation forces as "political", but a military solution imposed by force and coercion.

7. We believe that national resistance is the natural and objective necessity of every occupation, which our group undertakes to work on and to boost at the national level.

8. Russian and Iranian occupation forces cannot be guarantors of any political solution in Syria. Russia's and Assad's bombing is a direct coup against Astana's outcome. It belies their claim of seeking a political solution or to be guarantors of such a solution.

9. Terrorist organizations have been planted, nurtured and empowered on our land, and then used as a pretext to strike national forces and popular patriotic groups based on "identity" – something which has now been revealed to all.

10. The current Islamic body in general, and those working for Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular, are the prime victims of these terrorists' actions used as excuses for attacks.

11. The war on terror is both cultural and intellectual. Muslim scholars are the most capable of handling it. At the same time, it is a war with security dimensions that many of the revolutionary factions in Syria were capable of undertaking.

12. The international war being waged against our homeland, involving both Russia and the United States, is at the same time a war against our identity, our region and our peoples. The battle is the same, and it targets the Syrian, Arab and Turkish alike.

13. While we appreciate our brothers' support for us and their attempt to aid our cause, we hope their positions will be more clear and firm.

14. We fully support the Turkish position in defending the unity of the Syrian people and the Syrian sovereign territory against the brutal partition plots.

15. We reject the political exploitation of refugee issues. We understand their suffering and the compelling reasons for their migration. We urge the international community to fulfill their humanitarian pledges and provide a safe, secure return for them after the reasons for their displacement have been eliminated.

16. We have always – and we still do – regard our Kurdish brothers as an integral component of this homeland Syria. We appreciate and regret the injustice they suffer, and call on them to meet under the umbrella of a single civil state of justice and equality. At the same time, we reject all partition plots and suggestions.

17. Our group (the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria) remains a patriotic Islamic group, working for the benefit of Syria and the Syrian people and for the objectives of its revolution with all loyal and patriotic citizens across the homeland.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

October 7, 2017

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