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Egypt National Alliance Calls for Anti-Repression Protest Week
Egypt National Alliance Calls for Anti-Repression Protest Week
Saturday, September 30,2017 13:38

Mohamed Mahdi Akef, icon of the anti-oppression struggle, has departed our world, unwavering, resolute on the path of the truth. He departed, with his dignity lofty, his head high. Indeed, he was ever the great warrior who refused to bow his head except to God, who remained steadfast until his martyrdom in prison in his ninetieth year of age. He gave the finest example in sacrifice, persistence, and commitment to principles.

Akef, may God have mercy on him, was one of the elders of the January 25, 2011 Revolution who paved the way for it, and broke the barriers of silence before it. He took the lead in a huge demonstration in support of the demands of change and reform years before the Revolution. He urged youth to face up to repression and the oppressors. He remained loyal to the Revolution to his last breath. He refused to ask the counter-revolution for a presidential amnesty, preferring death over life in humility or defeat.

Needless to say, it was not only Akef who made sacrifices and paved the way for the January 2011 Revolution, and died in a prison cell, adhering to his principles. Other great leaders and scholars did the same, including Sheikh Essam Derbala, chairman of Al-Gamaa' Al-Islamiya's (the Islamic Group's) Shura Council, Dr Farid Ismail and Sheikh Nabil Al-Maghrebi; as well as other elders who died outside the prison. Many of the elders of the Revolution are steadfast behind bars, providing youth with a role model in sacrifice and steadfastness, including Dr Mohamed Badie, Judge Mahmoud al-Khudairi, Sheikh Hazem Abu-Ismail, Dr Rashad Bayoumi and others.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance solemnly salutes the souls of the martyrs and the resilience of those still standing steadfast. We call for a new revolutionary week of peaceful protest under the title: "Loyalty to the Elders of the Revolution". The right way to show our loyalty to these great icons is to follow their path of sacrifice, redemption and steadfastness.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

#الوفاء_لشيوخ_الثورة (Loyalty to the Elders of the Revolution)


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